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Ron Clark Story

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The Ron Clark Story is a movie based on a true story of a man named Ron Clark who moves to the inner city of New York City in order to help students in need. Ron Clark wishes to help educate and give the love of learning to his students. Initially, the students do not care for Mr. Clark, and even go as far as to drive him away from helping them. But Mr. Clark does not give up so easily. In time, the students start to appreciate what Mr. Clark does for them, and the students also end up respecting him as a teacher. At the end of the year, Mr. Clark’s class scores well above average, as Mr. Clark said would happen. Mr. Clark applies much of the attributes in educational psychology in his own classroom. One attribute that was predominantly shown in the movie by Mr. Clark was his teacher efficacy. Teacher efficacy is the teacher’s confidence in their ability to promote students’ learning. Although the student’s motivation is the main force in driving their learning, the teacher can also drive and excite a student to become a better student. There were many scenes in the movie in which Mr. Clark had inspired his students into doing better academically. The initial scene was the first evidence of Mr. Clark’s efficacy. While confronting a student who was out in the hall next to a classroom, Mr. Clark asks why the student is standing in a trash can. The student states that his teacher had told him that he cannot learn and is trash, demonstrating poor teacher efficacy. Mr. Clark immediately reassures the student that the student is not trash and the student is capable of learning. This scene initially demonstrates Mr. Clark’s strong teacher efficacy. Within the next few minutes of the movie, Mr. Clark states he wants to leave his current school and wants to help students within the New York school systems. Mr. Clark’s teaching efficacy is very strong in the…...

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