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Since the first release of the revolutionary tablet last year, the demand for this product has developed drastically. Overtime, the numbers of competitors entering the tablet market are slowly increasing as they attempt take part of the growing market. RIM is now releasing the PlayBook to gain a part of the market share and establish itself as a dominant player within the industry.

This report examines the current competition in the tablet market as well as the segmentation process of determining which consumers the PlayBook will focus on targeting. Through an in-depth analysis, the United States will be chosen to begin the launch of the PlayBook. This country has the highest number of corporate users; this is a critical characteristic to RIM. The company will be focusing on the product’s high level of security, which is most attractive to these consumers due to the nature of their careers. By promoting its product to a segment of consumers who have yet to be satisfied with excellent privacy encryption technology, RIM will achieve a competitive advantage and gain the loyalty of these customers who rely on the protection of sensitive information.

Concluding this report will be the implementation process needed to succeed in launching the PlayBook. The marketing plan spans over a two-year time period which will project RIM’s PlayBook into the tablet market strategically. These methods include heavy promotional and advertising activities, the official launch of the PlayBook into the United States, and draws to a close by how RIM can utilize its strengths to assist the company into having a successful future in this industry.


Introduction As a new entrant to the tablet industry, Research In Motion will face many challenges in this increasingly competitive market. When RIM’s…...

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