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Responsible Me

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Responsible Me

DeAndre D. Benson


March 20, 2014
Judy Olson-Hammer

Responsible Me

The vast majority of the hurdles that exist in my life are existent due to the commitments that I have accepted. I committed to being a stable partner to my wife, to being a dedicated father, to display a good amount of volunteerism, and to uphold strong religious values. These standards bring challenges that require the use of appropriate time management, commitment, determination and confidence in order to be successful. It is my responsibility to approach my education with the same resilience I have in these other areas of my life. A person may conclude that I could not maintain a balanced life that consists of being a loving spouse, raising two children, working forty (40) hours a week, attending to my social endeavors, worshiping in my faith and studying for college. If asked why I would add college to my other tasks, I would say that at this point in my life, I recognize the career opportunities, earning potential and power a person has when they hold a degree. Through the years, I have always prioritized other responsibilities ahead of completing my college education, but I realize that there is no better time than the present for “responsible me” to take this on. Define Personal Responsibility In my efforts to define personal responsibility, I start reflecting on the values and principles that are core in my life, which keep me focused on completing each of my committed tasks. It all starts with ensuring that the needs of my family have been met, so that they are offered the best quality of life. Secondly, I must be certain that my role and responsibilities as a Labor Relations Officer for the City of Cleveland within the Department of Public Utilities have been satisfied. I also take an active role as a volunteer youth coach giving back my time, energy and finances to make sure the needs of others, who may be less fortunate, are safeguarded. Finally, I must live up to the vision of Lee Memorial AME church congregation, in my commitment as a Steward serving as a spiritual arm to my Pastor who has a great mission to serve and minister to the common man or woman. Through the years I look at all the time devoted and sacrificed in order to uphold these responsibilities. I triumphed through twelve years of marriage with my wife, watched my son grow from a vibrant baby boy into a 5’4” eleven year old and ; in addition, to dealing with my daughter and her ever changing personality who has the intellect of someone twice her age. I have watched my youth basketball group start off as tiny tots and emerge into mighty mights. Also, through great spiritual teachings I have enriched my beliefs in God and have stepped into an essential role at Lee Memorial AME church congregation as the youngest appointed Treasurer. I often consider where I might be, if I had earned my degree some years back. Would I be in a position financially to live the life that makes me comfortable? Taniguchi (2005) stated that “Although studies have shown a significant wage gain associated with the possession of a college degree, few have considered at what age the degree was received to estimate the college wage premium” (p. 861). As a responsible individual I recognized that the same efforts maintained over the past years of managing my time, staying focused and persevering through until the end could land me in the same position at the end of this college experience.
Explain the Relationship Between Personal Responsibility and College Success In order to balance life’s responsibilities and school it is going to take me having a strong commitment to prioritize my life, so that I’m in a position to succeed. In caring for my family’s needs it is equally important that I balance my life to stay positive and help support their aspirations. My time management is likewise important in setting myself on course to become a successful college student. It is necessary that I know what work assignments are to be completed and that I take an active role in producing quality work to earn maximum credit. Another factor that relates to success will be the proper utilization of my resources, which will produce consistent habits that I will need to follow. I must maintain a sound fiscal budget in order to offset the cost of paying for school. Finally, it is important that I stay focused on the goal I envision, which is to be a college graduate and show resilience through hard times to create a better life for myself and others who depend on me.
Provide a Preliminary Plan to Practice Personal Responsibility My plan starts with a pledge to myself to be totally committed to achieving my degree and staying determined not to let anything stand in my way. The introduction back to college life as a non-traditional college student has identified the need to enhance my time management skills. According to the Estates Gazette I must”...identify my tasks by listing and assigning them in order of priority with realistic expectations to get them accomplished” (How to…manage your time effectively,” 2006, p. 97). I must begin to plan out my weeks in order to foresee the hours I will have to use for study time and to share my plan with my family. It will also be important that I designate school preparation time away from the confines of my home to avoid any controllable distractions. It will also be a part of my plan to evaluate all my social settings to determine which may conflict with my studies and decide on alternatives that I may want to take to avoid set-backs. Finally, it is important that I do not overload myself with matters that distract me from my studies, which would lead me off track in my mission to obtain my degree. My initial steps started with my enrollment at the University of Phoenix and I set sail on my mission. Like the commitment displayed in sustaining twelve (12) years of marriage bliss, I have decided that the same must be applied for the next three (3) years and with a never wavering approach. I will create a bond with my academic and financial advisors in order to guarantee, I stay aware of my progress and debts owed. I will continue to apply the principals learned in my Gen 200 class, which has laid a foundation for me to be a successful and responsible me.

How to...manage your time effectively. (2013, April). Estates Gazette, DOI: Business Source Complete
Taniguchi, H. (2005, December). The influence of Age at Degree Completion on College Wage Premiums. Research in Higher Education, 46(8), 861-881.

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|Include a preliminary plan to practice personal responsibility in your education. | |
|Introduction contains grabber, issue/definition, thesis, and map of the main points in hour paper (10 points) | |
|Body paragraphs contain a topic sentence and transition (10 points) | |
|Body paragraphs contain evidence from outside reading (10 points) | |
|Conclusion contains restatement of the thesis and the answer to the “so what” question | |
|(5 points) | |
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