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Business Research
Jason Bartley
October 3,2012
Steve Roussas

Business research in an actual business is very in depth depending on what project you are working on. Research is done in the retail business sector to make daily decisions and see if we need to change our path we are heading down. We also combine an analysis of what we are doing along with our actual research. Research is always first then is the analysis and decision making process based on your findings. Managers and executives often use this process depending on the industry you are working within.

Business Research As an executive or business manager, you will need to do research in order to help make decisions that can have a negative or positive impact on your organization (Purdue University, 2012). We recently had to do a lot of research based on current trends, past behavior or past trends and future goals. We had to look at what our budget was going to be for our upcoming fourth quarter. This process is very important based on the company having to get the most accurate sales and profit numbers that we can. This is important since we push our numbers up to create one overall company profit and loss statement. These numbers are what our shareholders and others see and shows what our company is currently doing financially. This is the positive or negative impact that you can create if you don't do your research correctly. Positive and Negative Impacts In the position you are in as a manager or executive, you can impact your organization. If you do not do your research correctly it could change the outcome one way or another. In the work that we did, we had to look at our trends and see what sort of percentage of increase we were going to set in the fourth quarter.…...

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