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Request for Approval of Social Media Use

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The CEO recently placed a ban on the use of social media within the company with the assertion that it leads to loss of company time and resources. However, it is possible to use social media but limit the number of uses or actions performed. The CEO claimed that the use of social media within the organization leads to a waste of time in socializing which may lead to dismissal in the future. I would like to assure you that I will put social media into better use for the company. Did you know that 70% of the customers we serve are members of one social media site or another? It is possible to capture these customers and more new customers by communicating with them through the social media platforms. Additionally, the customers can learn about the new services from the social media site such as Facebook.
For Intel, sales have increased by 45% as well as customer relations due to the use of social media. There are several benefits of using social media within the firm for public relations, advertising and communications. It can also be used as a platform for conducting online market survey. The firm is an Information technology firm therefore we need to be on the forefront of adapting information technology system. Should we continue providing IT services but not adopt IT use in communication and other business functions?
The firm should adopt a new system which monitors the activities of employees while on social media sites during working hours. The monitoring of these activities will ensure that the employees only use social media to perform tasks that are related to the company and that present a business benefit. Therefore, the company will not undergo time wastage by the…...

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