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Reasons Why Managers Need to Be Acquainted with Programming, Web Source Code, and Technology.

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In some situations a manager should be familiar with programming. I think it really depends on what’s being managed. If you are a manager of a software company, then you should know how to code and have a programming background. Depending on the size of his or her department, a manager will spend time between coding and doing things that those who code cannot do. A manager who is good at coding, may not necessarily be good at managing projects. The best project managers do not have to understand all of the technical jargon and syntax of a programming language but rather be aware of simple programming concepts such as input/output, decision-making, repetition, and file handling. (Ebrahimi, 2005) A good manager can be in situations where they are not the expert; thus, they rely on experts who know much more (Berkun, 2010). It is important for a manager to understand the context of the problem or situation in order to help make a good decision. In this day and age, it is also important for a manager to be knowledgeable about his or her company’s web presence. The web is a platform that most if not every business should strive to maintain (Ebrahimi, 2005). A manager may wish to be involved with such things as creating web content and marketing. Knowledge of how database and source code relate can help a manager understand the job responsibilities of the business’s web development department. With this information, he or she might be more realistic about deadlines and what company objectives can be reasonably accomplished within a particular timeframe. As a secondary benefit, one might expect to establish improved relations with employees, who recognize that their superiors are making an effort to understand the nature of their work. Familiarity with information technology is very important for a manager in most organizations. It is hard to imagine…...

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