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i. Discuss the legal and statutory requirements that apply to rooms division operations.
Hotels have become vulnerable to ensure safety on account of high profile guests that include foreign tourists. While hotels being public places recognise the importance of vigilance and security. Hotels have to inspire tourist confidence to choose Mauritius hotels as their destination. Guest expect their hotel accommodations to be safe and secure, therefore hotels must adhere to a long list of rules and regulations. They must have safe and secure door locks, fire-prevention measures, exit strategies and plans, pool safety, first aid, security guards and security cameras. 1. The occupational Safety and Health Act
The mission of OSHA is to help employers and employees to reduce the number of job injuries, illnesses and death on the work place. OSHA regulations standards require the hotel industry to maintain conditions to adopt practices and to protect workers on the job. It ensures that employees should be familiar with and comply with standards applicable to their establishments. Moreover, OSHA ensures that employees have and use personal protective equipment when required for safety and health.
OSHA promotes workplace safety and health by: * Implementing new safety and health management systems. * Inspects Hotels worksite. Hotels failing to adopt OSHA regulations may be cited or fined. * Establish rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. * Supporting Innovation in dealing with workplace hazards. * Establishing record keeping and reporting requirements for employers. * Developing training programs for occupational safety and health personnel.

2. Work Security – The labour Act
It is the body of law that governs the employer and employee relationship, including individual’s contracts, the application of TORT and contract…...

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