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Answers to the Chapter 3 Review Questions

1. You are in the vi editor and realize that you need to perform a file listing to check the name of a file. What command can you use from vi? Answer: c. :!ls

2. Your new assistant is trying to use vi, but each time he tries to type a line of text, it is not entered on the screen. What is the problem? Answer: a. He is not in insert mode.

3. In vi, a screen-oriented command ______________________, Answer: b. executes at the location of the cursor

4. You have been editing a file in vi and decide to undo the most recent two actions you have entered. What should you type? Answer: c. Press Esc, u, u.

5. You have placed the cursor in vi at the beginning of a line. While in the command mode, how can you delete the entire line? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: c. Type dd.
6. You are using vi to edit a configuration file, but decide to abort the editing session (you haven’t yet saved anything). What do you type from command mode? Answer: a. :q!

7. You open a large document in the vi editor and decide that you want to quickly place the cursor at the beginning of the last line. Which command mode option do you use? Answer: d. G

8. How can you start a Emacs and create a new file called budget at the same time? Answer: c. Type emacs budget at the command line.

9. You want to search for the word “egregious” in your text file while editing in Emacs. Which of the following should you use? (Choose all that apply.) Answer: b. and d.

10. What Emacs command enables you to paste text already copied to the file buffer? Answer: c. Ctrl+y

11. How can you quickly delete the current line in Emacs? Answer: a. Press Ctrl+k

12. You have just created a file in Emacs and then exited, but the file is not saved. What went wrong?…...

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