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Identify & Evaluate Marketing Opportunities


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BSBMKG501B Investigate & Evaluate Marketing Opportunities This unit of competency describes the performance outcomes, skills and knowledge required to identify, evaluate and take advantage of marketing opportunities by analysing market data, distinguishing the characteristics of possible markets and assessing the viability of changes to operations. No licensing, legislative, regulatory or certification requirements apply to this unit at the time of endorsement. BSBMKG501B Investigate & Evaluate Marketing Opportunities contains employability skills. Instructions to the candidate 1. Read the relevant chapter(s) of the nominated texts included in your Candidate Study Guide. Read relevant texts from the list of suggested reading websites, industry journals and forums provided. Read each of the practical activity assessments for this unit of competency before commencing. 2. Answer all of the requirements of the practical activities. Keep in mind you are studying a Nationally Recognised Diploma unit of competency. Your answers must reflect the depth of knowledge and understanding expected of a person who can work without supervision and demonstrate a level of judgement and decision making. 3. This assessment is to be conducted in your own time. 4. Notes, textbooks and computers may be used. Be prepared to: • View • Utilise search engines like • Research the websites of organisations specialising in business, management, technology and similar 5. You must complete all your own work without assistance from other persons: • The assessor will take steps /…...

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