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Quality Improvement Part I - Part Iv

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Quality Improvement Plan Part II
This paper attempts to explain some areas of potential improvement for the Veteran Affairs (VA) organization in a surgical department. Describe the data that needs to be collected and the tools to be use. Also, it will be identified and compared the types of information collected based on the different tools used. Presenting the Quality Improvements (QI) tools needed to accomplish the goal and describe the information obtained from it. In addition, establish how are these tools helpful for the health care organizations.
Areas of Potential Improvements for the Organization
The areas to be considered are; on- call Practices, preoperative personnel are assigned designated times, in addition to their regular work hours, to be available on an “on-call” basis for unplanned , urgent, emergent procedures or to provide care for patients whose procedure run past schedule time periods. Call hours may vary from four hours or more. Actual hours worked during the call period are unpredictable and can range from 30 minutes to the entire length of the call period. A large body of research exists about fatigue and sleep deprivation and their effect on performance. Research also suggest that work periods of 12 hours or more are associated with higher probability of making an error and increase in risk-taking behaviors.
The Time-Out: While technologies and other innovations have advanced health care, these advancements have also led to failures in the delivery of safe patient care. Rates of wrong site surgery are still shocking and incidences of retained foreign bodies persist. Of great concern is wrong-site surgery (WSS), which encompasses surgery performed on the wrong side or site of the body, wrong surgical procedure performed, and surgery performed on the wrong patient. This definition also includes “any invasive procedure that exposes…...

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