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Irresistible Persuasive message
Comm 470

Irresistible Persuasive message Introduction This paper will define e-tailing down to the most basic level. E-tailing will also be identified by several behaviors that it is inherent of. By discussion, certain function enables e-commerce as will be seen in this paper. The communication process will be used to analyze each behavior discussed in relations to e-tailing. Sender, receiver and message just to name a few descriptions that will be covered during analyze. The paper will have a conclusion paragraph after a persuasive sample for a virtual audience is given. After reading the information in this paper, e-tailing will be clear as well as the behaviors inherent in e-tailing. Defining ever changing e-tailing The definition for e-tailing is simple but it is used for so many different reasons. It can and is used for so many different businesses around the world. Many businesses would not succeed without it and some would not even exist. According to Turban, King, and McKay (2008), E-tailing stands for electronic retailing conducted over the Internet (Chapter 3.1 INTERNET MARKETING AND ELECTRONIC RETAILING). E-tailing is used by large and small businesses to reach the largest possible amount of consumers that can be reached. According to Turban, King, and McKay (2008), Manufacturers make out pretty good by e-tailing because they are able to bypass the intermediary and pocketing the savings (Chapter 3.1 INTERNET MARKETING AND ELECTRONIC RETAILING).
Behaviors of E-tailing E-tailing has many different behaviors associated with it but the three will only be discussed in this paper. We will first go over the most important to most, Trust. Consumers worry day in and out about information that they send over the internet. People don’t believe in the security system that they…...

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