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Public School Fundings

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Maria Vega
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September 9, 2012
Professor Hellman
Public School funding’s Parents want what is best for their children. One will always want their children to not only stay in school, but to also attend the very best of schools. In today’s day and age there are many methods on how a student will receive an education; they can attend a variety of private schools, they may choose to be schooled at home directly from their parents, the internet offers a new way to do schooling from home, and of course there is always the public schooling system. Whatever the choice may be, the least expensive option is and will continue to be the public schooling system. The reason for public schools having no expenses to the students is simply because it is required by law that children until the age of 16 must attend some kind of schooling that meets the state’s standards on education. Since this is required by the law, the government must provide a place for these standards to be met (public schools). As a country, taxes are collected in order to pay for what the country needs in order to function properly. There are funds already set, in order to pay for certain government products and services. The public schooling system is one of those services that is provided and paid for by these taxes. This accounts for the schooling facility, teachers, materials, and other resources for a school to meet the standards. Now the funds vary from school to school, depending on what area the school is located in. Since education is on a state level, city taxes are what pay for public schooling funds. Also every state and city may have different amounts in funds compared to others, and may not have the same priorities. For example if the city needs a place that will generate revenue as opposed to just consuming it, the city will mostly likely pick the generator. Public schools…...

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