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Public Bank Group Telecommunications and Network

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As time flies, the Public Bank group has grown into a premier banking group and has the highest market share for private sector unit trust business in Malaysia. Public Bank Group also found that it has overseas market presence in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Hong Kong, China and Sri Lanka. With total of 377 branches and employing over 17600 people, Public Bank Group ingratiates to the financial needs of over eight million customers in Malaysia and in other countries. Public Bank Group is up to third largest domestic banking group in Malaysia with the total assets of Rm274.62 million and ranked number six in Southeast Asia with its market capitalization and balance sheet of RM57.52 billion assets size at the end of 2012.

For a very large size company like Public Bank Group, the best type of telecommunication network should be WAN. WAN is an acronym for wide area network. WAN coverage large geographic area such as a state, province or country. It often connects multiple smaller networks, such as local area networks (LANS) or metro area network (MANS) by using private or public network transport. WAN can be said that it is the most popular networks in this world nowadays. WAN is actually same as the internet that we are using right now. Businesses and government entities utilize WAN to relay data among employees, clients, buyers, and suppliers from various geographical location. This kind of telecommunication network allows Public bank group to effectively carry out its daily function regardless of location since public bank has so many branches in different location. The main advantage by using WAN is it provides the facility to communicate in long distance for the purpose of sharing information too. Public Bank uses this network to share the customer profile and other financial transaction information among different branches. It allows Public group branches to communicate effectively with each other if their branches are located in different location.

Other than that, it also allows Public Bank Group to consolidate resources in one central data center or in larger data centers scattered across their branches, rather than having distributed data for all of Public Bank Group’s branches office locations. By using WAN, it helps to reduce the cost of managing the data among branches at far-off locations through WAN server compare to allocate its data in physical form. So, all of those expenses that Public Bank Group might be spending such as: on transportation clients’ data administration fees at remote locations, replacement and maintenance of equipment and protection of data from walking off site or being corrupted at other location branches, all of these expenses can be reduced with the existence of WAN network. As a result, the data sharing can be more protected and more available at a centralized location.

Besides, using WAN can save more time as its branches retain information from central data. Employees for other branches can check the clients’ data and financial news of Public Bank in only a few minutes, it ensures Public Bank Branches to conduct their own business effectively and efficiently even in different locations and different time. WAN brought a lot of benefits to large corporate such as Public Bank Group which has a large company size because all policies and information can be updated on time. In this case, Public Bank branches can operate their business conveniently.…...

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