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Psyc325 Week 4 Mid-Term Biopsychology

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PSYC325 Week 4 Mid-Term Biopsychology

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Question 1 of 25 0.0/ 20.0 Points
Discuss the behavioral genetics of individual differences, being sure to focus on common misunderstandings about heritability estimates.

Question 2 of 25 0.0/ 20.0 Points
Two brain structures have been most frequently linked to human emotion. Which are they? Describe research that has implicated each in human emotion.

Question 3 of 25 0.0/ 20.0 Points
Explain color constancy. What important points does it make about the mechanisms of color vision? Describe a theory of color vision that can explain color constancy, focusing on the evidence that led to the theory.

Question 4 of 25 0.0/ 20.0 Points
Compare set-point and positive-incentive theories of hunger and eating. Compare their ability to predict two major research findings.

Question 5 of 25 0.0/ 20.0 Points
Describe and discuss sexual dimorphisms of the mammalian brain. How do they develop? Include cyclic gonadotropin release, the sexually dimorphic nucleus, and the aromatization hypothesis in your answer.

Question 6 of 25 2.5/ 2.5 Points
What distinguishes biopsychology from the other subdisciplines of neuroscience?

A.its focus on the study of behavior B.its focus on animal subjects

C.its focus on psychiatric disorders D.its focus on psychoactive drugs Question 7 of 25 0.0/ 2.5 Points
Structure of the nervous system is to function of the nervous system as

A.biopsychology is to psychology.

B.neuroanatomy is to neurophysiology.

C.neuropathology is to clinical psychology. D.neuroscience is to biopsychology.

Question 8 of 25 2.5/ 2.5 Points
In the study of heritability estimates, increasing the genetic diversity of the subjects without introducing other changes…...

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