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Hypothesis-Children should not be diagnosis with bipolar disorder
Null-hypothesis-Children should be diagnosis with bipolar disorder

There are many children in the United States today that are diagnosis with bipolar disorder, it population have expanded widely in the world today. Children of today are been misdiagnosis with having bipolar disorder and the number are outspreaded, so with the statistics like this , these children shouldn’t diagnosis with bipolar disorder cause of the finding not true. There have been numbered of drug get distributes to people everyday, for treatment of bipolar disorder. The statistic have say that, many people have been kill of receiving their medicine contaminated, from pick up drug stores. There a mental illness that form called fungal meningitis and sometimes manic-depression that found among children less than the age of eighteen and under, that can cause a major depression in children such as anxiety disorder. Bipolar disorder is not as easily, to be found in children and as well adolescent. Most of the condition becomes overlap that considered with the disorder ADHD, conduct disorder, and depression. Over hundred of people have seemed physician for treatment, using a psychotic medicine to treat bipolar disorder. Some physician doesn’t think bipolar disorder show up in children dues to the misdiagnosed, of what they find, that turn out not to be true in children, could you imagine how many children are diagnosis with this disorder, this should be one reason children shouldn’t be diagnosis with such disorder, because it can cause mood swing, over medication, wrong medicine giving to children, which can put them into some type of behavior problems, that shouldn’t never been there in the first place. Something like can become very harmful to children when it should have been a little more research, done it.


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