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Are there other tools appropriate for you analysis? What are the appropriate tools to use for forecasting, pricing, and labor market analysis for your organization?
There are several tools available to give a beneficial market analysis for an organization. For example market reports provide information on markets, their size, structure, key players, their market share, trends, prices, and more MMC Learning", n.d.). Customer surveys use carefully structured questionnaires to measure customer attitudes, levels of awareness, intentions to purchase, actual purchases and much more. Another great tool would be retail audits, which measures market sales, competitor’s sales, market share, prices, and special offers, stock levels week by week and day by day MMC Learning", n.d.). Each tool provides significant information for a market analysis.
An appropriate tool for forecasting depends on exactly what information the researcher trying to obtain. Coca-Cola would use forecasting to help determine what the business market looks like demographically. It can also involve attempting to predict the movements of the existing market going forward so market strategies and business plans can be developed to anticipate and meet the changing demands. Many forecasting strategies are used, and each market will have specific models that have worked (Writing, 1999-2012). The recommended market analysis for Coca-Cola would be qualitative forecasting methods, quantitative methods and explanatory method.
Pricing is a powerful element of business. The pricing structure of a product or service and how it relates to competitors, pricing strategies, and the expectations of consumers, plays an important role establishing a specific customer base ("Procurement", 2011). An analysis of pricing strategy reveals that companies have a range of options in their pricing toolkit they can use to…...

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