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Communication within the Training Team

The Situation and Why Change or Why Improvement is Needed.

A staff survey was completed with my company. The results were provided to my companys employees as a whole; however they were also broken down to each specific department. Within the training department some of the responses showed what had worked well, however the results also showed areas that could be improved on, one of these areas was communication and change. One of the questions asked within the 2007 staff survey was ‘I think it is safe to speak up and challenge the way things are done in RWE my company’, the percentage response on that question was 58%, below what was expected. The question is why does it need to be improved?

If communication is not improved the cost of this could be lack of motivation, increasingly bad reputation of the department, if team members cannot communicate within the team it could be found that team members are expressing their opinions outside of the department. If there is lack of motivation this could cause the following:

• Decreased Production

• Increase of attrition rate

• De-motivating new starters within the company

• Lack of respect within the department

• Increase in negativity from the team.

Therefore the main object is to improve the percentage from 58% to higher percentage by the time the next staff survey is issued in 2008.


This question directly links back to communication within the team, if people feel it is unsafe to speak up there is a communication issue. However further investigation is required to find the root cause analysis. The initial problem was recognised via the staff survey, to find out further specific information a questionnaire was given to a cross section of the training team (see appendix 1). This then provides the voice of the customer. The responses to these…...

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