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Project Approach

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The project approach
Katz, Lilian G. Scholastic Early Childhood Today12.6 (Mar 1998): 43-44.
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Abstract (summary)
Engaging children in active investigations of topics that have personal meaning for them can enhance a curriculum and a child's desire to learn. Projects are ways to help children answer their own questions and learn more about the world.
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Enhance your curriculum by engaging children in active investigations of topics that have personal meaning for them. Projects are ways to help children answer their own questions and learn more about the world.
A PROJECT IS an in-depth investigation of a topic worth learning more about. The study is undertaken by a small group of children within a class, by a whole class, or occasionally by an individual child. The key feature of a project is that it is a research effort focused on finding answers to questions about a topic posed by children, the teacher, or both. Rather than simply seeking right answers, the goal of a project is to learn more about a topic.
The Place of Project Work The project approach should be seen as complementary to the more informal parts of the early childhood curriculum. Project work is not a separate subject; it provides contexts for applying specific skills learned in other parts of the curriculum. Nor is project work an "add on" to the basics; it is integral to all the other work included in the curriculum.
Project work encourages children to take initiative, assume responsibility, make decisions and choices, and pursue their own interests.
Themes, Units, and Projects
Both themes and units have an important place in the early childhood curriculum. However, they are not substitutes for projects, in which children ask questions that guide…...

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