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Professional Associations Membership

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Professional Associations Membership
Grand Canyon University: NRS-430V
October 21, 2012

Professional Associations Membership
The American Nurses Association (ANA) is dedicated to be a voice for nurses and play a role in policies and regulations that could affect nurses’ lives nationally and in state level. The association helps keep nursing profession respected and functional. ANA promotes high quality of care and protects the rights of nurses. Also sets the standards of quality care.

Advantages of Membership
 Get free nursing continuing education
 Receive discounts on many products from uniforms to car insurance
 Communicate with other nurses, share your ideas, and learn
 Be vocal and make your voice to be heard
 Protect yourself and your family by getting discounts on Professional Liability Insurance
 Save on books and nursing resources that will help you keep current and updated
 Save thousands of dollars on tuitions of nursing colleges
 And much more

For more information about American Nurses Association and membership benefits you can contact us
American Nurses Association
8515 Georgia Avenue
Suite 400
Silver Spring, MD 20910-3492
301-628-5001 (fax)
1-800-274-4ANA (4262)
ANA Membership Billing

Membership information:
 Membership options for RN:
1. ANA & State Membership
2. ANA only membership
3. E-membership only
 You can join ANA and become a subscriber if you are not an RN

Learn what ANA Members Talking about Membership

I became ANA member and become a voice for myself and my profession
-Yonas Abere

I joined ANA and saved 10% of my tuition
-Yonas Abere

Go to the above website to get information to attend Leadership Webinar Series and improve your leadership skill.

Professional Associations Membership

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