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Problems Encountered by the Irregular College Students

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Chapter I
Managing classroom behavior may be more challenging today than ever before. Many teachers face larger class sizes, more students who come from stressful, chaotic homes, and increased diversity in students' abilities and cultures (Grossman, 2004). Yet, many of us are determined to manage classroom behavior ourselves. After all, collaborating with others takes time and energy to build rapport and come to a consensus on behavior-change priorities and strategies. It's tempting just to forge ahead. Although, going at it alone may seem like a good idea in the short-run, in the long run, we are more likely to burn out and lose our effectiveness. Positive student behaviors are most effectively developed and supported through relationship-based whole-school and classroom practices, and clearly communicated behavioral expectations. Some students exhibit challenging behavior and require additional support and interventions to address this behavior and to develop positive behaviors.(Grossman, 2004)
It is one of the trickiest issues teachers face today. Disruptive behavior results in lost curriculum time and creates a classroom environment that is not always conducive to learning. One key to nipping behavioral problems in the bud is to promote positive behavior before problems arise. This takes some planning, but the following article will provide you with practical tips to help you lay a foundation for positive classroom behavior.
Understanding the various behavior, teachers may encounter in their classroom is an essential component in creating a positive classroom environment. If instructors are not sensitive to the cues given by a student, the teacher may misinterpret the actions, behaviors and intentions of that student.
And it is part of the primary responsibilities as teachers to help the students learn. It is difficult for…...

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