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1.0 Company’s profile 4 2.0 Objective 8 3.0 Audience 11 3.1 Internal audience 11 3.2 External audience 12 4.0 Strategy 16 5.0 Tactics 18 6.0 Effectiveness 21 7.0 Outcomes 23 8.0 Suggestions 25 9.0 References 28

1.0 Company’s profile

The Berjaya Corporation group of companies started on 1984 when the Founder, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun acquired a major controlling stake in Berjaya Industrial Berhad (originally known as Berjaya Kawat Berhad and now known as Reka Pacific Berhad) from the founders, Broken Hill Proprietary Ltd, Australia and National Iron & Steel Mills, Singapore. The shareholding change also resulted in a major change in the business, direction and the dynamic growth of a diversified conglomerate under the flagship of Berjaya Corporation Berhad ("BCorp").
In October 1988, Berjaya Group Berhad (then known as Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad) became the holding company of Reka Pacific Berhad, after a major restructuring,
Inter-Pacific Industrial Group Berhad (formerly known as Raleigh Berhad) was incorporated in 1967 as a bicycle manufacturer. In 1969, the Company gained official listing on Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad (“Bursa Securities”). BCorp then assumed the listing status of Berjaya Group Berhad on the Main Board of Bursa Securities upon the completion of the group restructuring exercise in October 2005 and the listing of the new shares on 3 January 2006.
On 26 May 2010, BCorp was added to the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Malaysia INDEX. BCorp has the manpower of 16000 employees and the Group is a diversified entity engaged in the core business such as Consumer Marketing, Direct Selling & Retail, Financial Services, Hotels, Resorts, Vacation Timeshare & Recreation Development, Property Investment and Development, Gaming & Lottery Management, Development of Sanitary Landfill, Environvental Services and clean Technology Investment, Food & Beverage and Investment Holding. On February 23 2012, the company's chairman, Vincent Tan, decided to retire and step down from his position, passing it to his son, Robin Tan Yeong Ching. On the board of Directors, Dato' Robin Tan Yeong Ching as a chairman, Chan Kien Sing, Freddie Pang Hock Cheng, Rayvin Tan Yeong Sheik, Vivienne Cheng Chi Fan, Dato' Azlan Meah Bin Hj Ahmed Meah and Puan Hajjah Zurainah Binti Musa as Executive Directors. While Dickson Tan Yong Loong be the Non-Independent Non-Executive,and Tan Sri Datuk Abdul Rahim Bin Haji Din, Dato’ Hj Md Yusoff @ Mohd, Yusoff Bin Jaafar, Mohd Zain Bin Ahmad, Datuk Robert Yong Kuen Loke and Dr Jayanthi Naidu A/P G. Danasamy as the Independent Non-Executive Directors.

Here is our corporate logo:

Our corporate logo comprises the word BERJAYA in gold and a symbol made up of closely interwoven B's in rich cobalt blue with gold lining around the circumference and a gold dot in the centre. BERJAYA means “success” in Bahasa Malaysia and reflects the success and Malaysian character of the Berjaya Corporation's core businesses. The intertwining B’s represent our strong foundation and the constant synergy taking place within the Berjaya Corporation group of companies. Each B faces a different direction, depicting the varied strengths of the companies that make up the Berjaya Corporation group of companies. Berjaya Corporation Berhad believes in striking a balance between profitability and our social responsibility to the communities. As a successful corporation, CRS activities are indispensable to fulfil the social responsibility. For example, charity projects, fund-raising events and donations have been an on-going aspect of operations as a social commitment. BCorp has strategically embarked on a new and more focused dimension of corporate social responsibility, which has led to the establishment of the Berjaya Cares Foundation ("BCF"). The Berjaya Cares Foundation was set up with the objectives of providing aid to needy Malaysians, promoting staff well-being, conserving and protecting the environment as well as promoting and preserving Malaysian performing arts, culture and heritage. The Berjaya Cares Foundation aims to create a more synergistic effort in the CSR initiatives of the various subsidiaries within the Berjaya Corporation group of companies. Now, we decided to choose the 2ND BERJAYA FOUNDER’S DAY - A TRULY MEMORABLE CELEBRATION as our analysis program. It is a CSR program on 25 February 2012.

2.0 Objective

Berjaya Corporation Group is not a company that only thinking about profit, yet, we believe in striking a balance between profitability and the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). In the meantime, Berjaya Founder’s day is celebration day not just for our founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan. Through this celebration day, Berjaya Corporation Group also doing a lot of CSR activities.

Firstly, the objective of Berjaya Founder’s day is to commemorate our company’s founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan founded Berjaya Corporation Group since 1984, in these 28 years, Tan Sri put a lot of efforts in Berjaya Corporation Group. Nowadays, Berjaya Corporation Group had became a very successful company in Malaysia, it has lots of businesses, which is Consumer Marketing, Property Investment & Development, Hotels, Resorts & Recreation, Gaming & Lottery Management, Financial Services, Food & Beverage, Motor, Environment Service & Clean Technology, Education and others. These kinds of achievements had proved that how much efforts did Tan Sri put in Berjaya Corporation Group. Therefore, Berjaya Founder’s day was to commemorate his efforts and achievements of Berjaya Corporation Group in order to let the public know more about him. Apart from that, the objective of Berjaya Founder’s day is to contribute to the community. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan is a person who cares about the community very much and Tan Sri always has an intrinsic commitment which is “giving back to the community”. Berjaya Founder’s day was not only a celebration but it was dedicated to CSR due to Tan Sri’s philosophy “giving back to the community”. Therefore, Berjaya Founder’s day was to serve and to contribute to the community such as the needed community and charitable organization, support community, education, health causes and animal protection. As such, Berjaya Founder’s day was aptly theme “Building Communities, Enriching Lives” in last year. Besides contribute to the community, tribute the staff of Berjaya Corporation Group also one of the objective of Berjaya Founder’s day. Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan is really appreciating the efforts, hard work, dedication and support of all the employees of Berjaya Corporation Group. This is due to Berjaya Corporation Group won’t able to be such successful company if without the staff. Thus, in this 2nd Berjaya Founder’s day, it carried out the “Family Day” as its theme. To appreciate their efforts, Berjaya Founder’s day becomes a celebration between Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan and the staff. Moreover, Berjaya Founder’s day also offered an opportunity to communicate between the top management and the staff. This will make the staff feel their hard-work was being appreciated, and so, they will put more efforts on their work and build a loyalty relationship towards the company indirectly. In addition, Berjaya Founder’s day was help to raise the awareness of the public towards the charitable organization. On this day, selected charitable organizations were set up their booth in the mall. Public can visit these charitable organizations’ booth. By this, they can gain more insight and awareness into the respective causes of selected charitable organizations. Besides, Tan Sri will also contribute to these charitable organizations on the same day. Through this, public will know that there got lots of needed people and charitable organizations are needed for their help, so they will give more awareness to these needed people and charitable organizations. Of course, Berjaya Founder’s day was help to boost up Berjaya Corporation Group’s image and reputation. Berjaya Founder’s day are dedicated to CSR and it also a celebration to tribute the staff, this can help to boost up Berjaya Corporation Group’s image. Public will have a good perception and impression towards Berjaya Corporation Group when they knew we were also contribute to the community and care about our employees but not only a profitable company. On the other hand, those people and organization will appreciate to Berjaya Corporation Group on our help, so this can boost up our reputation as well.

3.0 Audience

3.1 Internal audience

Internal audience refers to people and groups within the organization. In this public relation’s program, the internal audience can divide into three types of audiences, which is Berjaya Corporation Group’s founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Vincent Tan, staff of the Berjaya Corporation Group and the staff’ families. The Berjaya Founder’s day was to commemorate our founder, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Vincent Tan, of course, he will be our target audience. Apart from honoring his vision and hard work towards Berjaya Corporation Group over the 28 years, this celebration day also coincided with Tan Sri’s birthday. Therefore, we had prepared lots of entertainments, performances and also a 130-feet long dragon cake for Tan Sri’s birthday celebration. Another internal audience is the staff of the Berjaya Corporation Group. One of the objectives of Berjaya Founder’s day is to tribute the staff, so we prepared lots of activities as their entertainments. Besides, we were also prepared the lucky draw which offered more than 200 prizes to the staff. This will make the staff feel their hard-work was being appreciated. Through this, they will put more efforts on their work and build a loyalty relationship towards the company indirectly. Moreover, we were also listed staff’s families as our target audience. Berjaya Founder’s day carried a family day carnival, so more than 20,000 staff and their families’ member were attended to Berjaya Founder’s day. To tribute the efforts of the staff, Berjaya Founder’s day offered a chance to let the staff’s families celebrate and feel the joyous atmosphere together.

3.2 External audience

External audience means people or groups that are outside from the organization. In this Berjaya Founder’s day program, external audience can be divided into three types, which are charitable organizations, media and public. We were target media as our external audience because we need them to help us to publicize our event. These media included News Strait Times, The Star, theSun, BERNAMA, Oriental Daily, Sin Chew Daily, China Press, Nanyang Daily, Guang Ming Daily. The reporters and photographers were invited to join the Berjaya Founder’s day, and then only they will know our activities and take the photos. We really need the power of media to ?? our details of event, for example Tan Seri Dato’ Sri Vincent Tan had contributed RM11.6 million to 61 charitable organizations. With this media coverage, then only the public will know the contribution of Berjaya Corporation Group to the community and have a good impression towards our company. There are about 61 charitable organizations and these charitable organizations included support community, education, health causes, environmental awareness, animal protection, handicapped organizations, old-folks, orphan and children under privileged. Types | Charitable organizations | Environmental awareness | Malaysian Nature Society, Sultan Ahmad Shah Environment Trust | Health causes | Kiwanis Down Syndrome Foundation, National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia, Pure Lotus Cancer Foundation, KL, St. John Ambulance, The Tun Hussein Onn National Eye Hospital, MERCY Malaysia, Penang Adventist Hospital, Malaysian Emergency Medical Support Association (MEMSA) | Education | Science of Life Studies 24/7, Sekolah Rendah Sathya Sai, Puchong, UTAR Education Foundation, TSVT Merit Scholarship, San Damiano Girls’ Hostel Kiulu, Sabah, | Handicapped and mental disabilities | Eden Handicapped Service Centre Bhd, Penang, Handicapped and Mental Disable Children Association Johor Bahru, Johor, Persatuan Kanak-kanak Istimewa Kajang, Selangor, Persatuan Orang yang Amat Cacat Akal, Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan | Orphan | Rumah Anak-anak Yatim Darul Falah Terengganu | Old-folks | Penang Sheng nan Welfare Organization of the Old, Penang, Yayasan Orang Kurang Upaya Kelantan, National Council of Senior Citizens’ Organizations Malaysia, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal, Warga Emas & Orang Kurang Upaya Cheras | Animal protection | Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better, SPCA | Support community | Pusat Perkhidmatan Komuniti Taiping, Presatuan Rumah kebajikan Rita, Klang, PJ Caring Home | Underprivileged | Pusat kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation | Children | Pt Foundation, KL, Pusat Jagaan Kanak-kanak Batu Grace, Kedah, Yayasan Belia Buddhist Malaysia, Penang, Rumah Amal Belaian Kasih, Kuala Lumpur, Rumah Amal Cahaya Tengku Ampuan Rahimah, Kuala Lumpur, Rumah Amal Cheshire Selangor, Rumah Amal Limpahan Kasih, Rumah Kanak-Kanak Triniti, Selangor, | Others | Buddhist Gem Fellowship, Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merit Society Malaysia, Penang, Malaysian Buddhist Association, Malaysian Buddhist Association, Montfort Boys Town, Shah Alam, Montfort Youth Centre, Melaka, Malaysian Red Crescent Selangor, Persatuan Amristeswari Malaysia, Persatuan Minda D’Home, Penang, Persatuan Mobiliti Selangor & Kuala Lumpur, Pusat Hemodialisis Mawar, Negeri Sembilan, Shepherd’s Centre Foundation, Sri Jayanti Welfare Association, St Nicholas Home, Penang, World Vision Malaysia, , Taiwan Buddhist Tzu-Chi Foundation Malaysia, Ti-Ratana Welfare Society |

Last but not least, Berjaya Founder’s day is opened for the public and everyone can join this event. We were also prepared lots of activities and charitable organizations’ booths, therefore, public can gain more insight and awareness into the respective causes of selected charitable organizations. Through this, public will know that there got lots of needed people and charitable organizations are needed for their help, so they will give more awareness to these needed people and charitable organizations. Besides, Tan Sri will also contribute to these charitable organizations on the same day. Through this, public will know that Berjaya also contribute to the community and care about the employees but not only a profitable company. Thus, they will have good perception and impression towards Berjaya Corporation Group

4.0 Strategy

Strategy is the overall approach that is taken to a programme or campaign. It is the coordinating theme or factor, the guiding principle, the big idea, the rationale behind the tactical programme. (Gregory, 2000)
Berjaya Founder’s Day event was initiated to honour the philanthropic efforts of Berjaya Group founder, Tan Sri Vincent Tan and it was a long term strategic positioning programme, Berjaya Foudner’s Day will be an annual affair dedicated to giving back to the society, and 2012 is second year. Berjaya Better Malaysia Foundation which set up for charitable causes also contributes a lot to the needy. The foundation carries out activities in various fields to make Malaysia a better place for all to live (Vincent Tan pledges RM600m to foundation, 2012). Berjaya Group wishes that his employees also own a caring heart, will help the needy and provide their help to the less fortunate people.
In order to improve community relations, employee relations and customer relations, Berjaya Group organized a Family Day themed Berjaya Founder’s Day. On Berjaya Foundation Day, company invited all of the employees attended to the event. It’s about 20,000 employees and their families attended and participated in the event (2ND BERJAYA FOUNDER’S DAY - A TRULY MEMORABLE CELEBRATION!, 2012). Berjaya Group hopes that this ‘Family Day’ can help to show company’s appreciation of the hard work, dedication and support of all employees of the Berjaya Group. On Berjaya Foundation Day, Berjaya Group also organized a carnival. In this carnival, there were more than 30 charitable and non-profit organizations set up their booth at Berjaya Times Square. Berjaya Group hoped this carnival can help to showcase and raise awareness of their respective causes to the public (Berjaya Corporation Berhad Annual Report 2012, 2012). Besides, concern towards young and old alike also showed through the carnival. On that day, many media partners had been invited to attend the event. The company hoped that the media helped to report their events and share their happiness to publics. After the news published, company’s image and reputation enhanced because public knew that they do a lot of philanthropic and helped the needy in community, they gave back to society besides gained profit from their business.

5.0 Tactics

Berjaya Corporation Berhad used a lot of tactics to carry out their second Berjaya Founder’s Day in 2012. Berjaya Founder, such as social network, exhibition booth by NGOs, donations, sponsorship and so on. Firstly, before the Berjaya Founder’s Day, Berjaya Group informed public about this event through created a Facebook fan page and print media. Company used media as a tool to announce some details about this event, like they promulgated a list of attended artists to the event in order to attract more people joined the event and enjoyed the performance of the artists. In the Facebook fan page, Berjaya also post a schedule of Berjaya Founder’s Day to let public knew what time did the event started and ended, After the event, Berjaya uploaded a lot of photos of the event to Facebook in order to reveal the joy they brought to participants of the event and everything that happened in the event. Berjaya also used power of media partners to help spread the news about the event. On Second Berjaya Founder’s Day, Berjaya also held a carnival that aimed to raise fund for some charitable organizations. There were more than 30 charitable organizations set up their booth in the carnival to raise awareness of the public. All proceeds from the carnival had been channeled to the following beneficiaries — World Vision Malaysia, Persatuan Kebajikan Anak Pesakit HIV/AIDS Nurul Iman Malaysia, Persatuan Kebajikan HOPE Worldwide Kuala Lumpur, Breast Cancer Welfare Association Malaysia, Persatuan Ibu Tunggal, Warga Emas & Orang Kurang Upaya Cheras, TAT Turtle Santuary Tioman, Taiwan Buddhist Tzu Chi Foundation Malaysia, Dignity for Children Foundation, Malaysian Association for The Blind, MERCY Malaysia, National Kidney Foundation of Malaysia, National Stroke Association of Malaysia, Pusat Harian Kanak-Kanak Spastik Ipoh, Pusat Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Taman Megah and so on (Berjaya celebrates Founder’s Day with fundraising carnival, 2012). The beneficiaries included charitable organizations working for various causes because Berjaya Group aimed to contribute company’s effort in different fields. Berjaya Group’s Founder, Tan Sri Dato' Seri Vincent Tan Chee Yioun also walked around and visited every booth to show his concern to the less fortunate. Some organisations also took the opportunities to show their appreciations on Tan Sri’s effort in the carnival. Berjaya Founder’s Day 2012 was also about engaging and bringing the Group’s employees together, inspiring them to serve the community. Approximately 20,000 Berjaya employees and their family members participated in the fun-filled carnival complete with thrilling rides, sumptuous food, exciting game stalls and children’s activities (Berjaya Corporation Berhad Annual Report 2012, 2012). Besides, employees also involved themselves in the carnival, they set up booths to sell foods and drinks for fund-raising programme. On that day, Tan Sri Vincent Tan also donated 2 ambulances and 24 vans on behalf of Berjaya Group, which 7 vans had been modified and fitted with electro-hydraulic wheelchair lifts which provide better accessibility and mobility for wheelchair users. Besides, Tan Sri Vincent Tan and the Group contributed a total of RM11.6 million to 61 non-profit and charitable organizations during the event (2ND BERJAYA FOUNDER’S DAY - A TRULY MEMORABLE CELEBRATION!, 2012). Berjaya Group used ‘Family Day’ as the theme of 2012 Berjaya Founder’s Day, this was to show company’s appreciation of employees’ contributions and dedications. There were around 20,000 employees and their family attended Founder’s Day. Berjaya Group prepared a lucky draw which offered more than 200 prizes for staff including holiday packages, IT gadgets, electrical items, food vouchers and hampers (2ND BERJAYA FOUNDER’S DAY - A TRULY MEMORABLE CELEBRATION!, 2012).

6.0 Effectiveness

For the 2nd Berjaya Founder’s Day, we had a timeline for the event. We decided to put the date of Berjaya Founder’s Day on 25 February 2012. We planned the program started from 10am morning until 7pm evening. For every slot of time, we have different program to carry out. Sharp at 10am, the carnival at the Boulevard Main Entrance commence, crowds were allow to enter and visit every booth at the carnival. Then, launching of Berjaya Founder’s Day conducted by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan at 11pm. The press conferences were conducted at Starbucks, Ground Floor of Berjaya Times Square Mall at 12.30pm. After 1pm, we have different performances by the local singer and dancers, and fashion show. Besides that, there were also game and lucky draw session. To plan and organize a successful Public Relation Plan for Berjaya Founder’s Day, we were prepared well for the event. For this year, we set Berjaya Times Square as out event’s place. We wanted to make sure that the event bring joy to every participant. For every program that carried out, we had planned neatly every time session. We set up the booth for charitable organization for the carnival, invited singers and dancers for the performances, prepared for the press conference, plan the ceremony of handed over donations worth RM11.6 million to 61 charitable bodies by Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan and others. We also need to arrange the place for the VIP to rest and their refreshment too. For every performance, we have to make sure the microphone was in the good condition and plan their performances in order arrangement. Since the beginning, we already arrange what performances that every artist wanted to perform. This is to make sure the floor of the program can run smooth on the event day. Additional, we use the power of media to publicize our Berjaya Founder’s Day. Media play an important role nowadays in helping to spread the information. We develop relationships with the media press, be it photographers from local newspaper, reporters or newscasters who more likely to put our events through. We invited different media press to witness and report our event. After the press conference, we invited the media for refreshment and enjoy the performances. Besides that, we were also putting announcements in the paper for Berjaya Founder’s Day. Lastly, we updated our official website after the event ended. Photos, press releases and articles about Berjaya Founder’s Day were post at our Berjaya’s website to let public know what Berjaya is doing in order to increase Berjaya’s exposure. Public who wanted to know the detail about the event can get updated through the website. Berjaya Founder’s Day is a largest event throughout the year, thus the information about the event must be correct and accurate so that no issues created.

7.0 Outcomes

In the Berjaya Founder’s Day, Tan Sri Dato’ Seri Vincent Tan handed over donations worth RM11.6 million to 61 charitable bodies. These charitable organizations include those that support community, education, and health causes as well as environmental awareness and animal protection. These donations help the needy families and to uplift the lives of the less fortunate. For example, Berjaya Group donated RM95000 to HOPE worldwide Malaysia on the Berjaya Founder’s Day. Besides that, we also took this opportunity to contribute back to the community by inviting 28 charity organizations in Malaysia to organize a charity bazaar to raise fund. Fund collected will be contributed to the community for CSR activities. The Berjaya Founder’s Day successfully improved the image and reputation of Berjaya Group. Berjaya Founder’s Day is not just a day for celebration but a program that contributed back to community and public and this can get our company’s name out. This proven by the charity bazaar held on Berjaya Times Square aim to gain more insight and awareness into the respective causes of selected charitable organizations when public visited the booths set up by these charitable organizations. Berjaya Group hopes to contribute back to community while striking a balance between profitability and social responsibility. We also invited the 500 children from various children’s homes in the Klang Valley to enjoy the rides at the theme park. The Berjaya Founder’s Day also foster the relationship among employees. The interaction of the game session make the employees get to know each other more. For example young and old alike pitted their skills at the games booths, and the thrilling rides at the Berjaya Times Square Theme Park were a popular draw with the crowd. All the games build a good relationship among the players. Thus, bring joy to the employees, their families and the 500 children from various children’s homes. We believe everyone had fun in the Founder’s Day and enjoy the program such as performance by Dato’ Leonard Tan a.k.a. The Maestro of a Thousand Voices, beat-boxer, Shawn Lee and violinist Dennis Lau, K-Pop dance group, Ruffneckz and so on.

8.0 Suggestions

Berjaya Cares Foundation carries out a lot of charity activities. Besides healthcare, the foundation can also fund the handicapped people. Even though Malaysia’s government has provided various facilities for them, I doubt these people feel very comfortable travelling around using public transportations. Berjaya Cares Foundation can help to provide buses which are specially modified to cater to handicapped people. Such buses can ease their burden while travelling. Besides that, the foundation can help expose handicapped people to handicraft skills such as beadwork, needlework and wood craving. They can hire volunteers to conducts lessons for these people. By providing them with such productive skills, Berjaya actually is giving a second chance to them to live independently. They can produce their own work, sell it and earn some living for themselves. Finally, to ease their pain, Berjaya can provide free physiotherapy classes for them as a way of helping them to get better.
Malaysia has a staggering dropout rate as huge numbers of youths are leaving schools even before sitting for their Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM). These youth then start venturing into the wrong path by becoming drug addicts, thieves, gangsters or sometimes work a low-income job such as washing dishes and washing cars. Therefore, to help this group of people, Berjaya foundation can offer them technical and vocational courses so that they have some knowledge and therefore would be able to secure themselves a steady income throughout their lives. These skills include agriculture and occupational courses. To further enhance these dropouts’ lives, the foundation can also arrange for them to acquire some soft skills such as communication skills, teamwork skills, and problem solving and conflict resolution skills. These skills are for the betterment of an individual and are always looked for in an employee. Sadly, even university graduates lack these skills these days. Therefore, by providing dropout with these important soft skills, they have good chances of prospering in life rather than to live in the underworld in a negative way.
Finally, Berjaya Times Foundation can pledge to look after our abandoned golden generation. Due to various factors such as modernism and irresponsibility of children, many old people are sent to live in old folk’s homes. Since many homes are run by NGO’s, they have poor living conditions. Thus, the foundation can help these homes by replenishing those devastated old folks homes in the towns and rural areas. Many homes lack caretakers too. Berjaya can also do its part here by hiring unemployed people to work in these homes by providing them with a steady salary. This is a win-win situation for all. Berjaya gets to complete its CSR, old folks are well taken care of while the unemployed are now doing something good and noble. Everyone is happy. In addition, Berjaya can get some professionals to come in and provide classes for these old folks so that they can spend their time well. Classes such as Tai-chi and simple mental games not only entertain these people but it also gets them moving and thinking critically making them healthy and happy. In conclusion, helping the handicapped, school dropouts and old folks are few of the many things Berjaya Cares Foundation can still do for the society. The list may go miles long but all one needs to do charity is a good heart. Berjaya has that and thus, they do not have to do many things at once, they only have to do one or two things but do them carefully with full of love and passion. This is for the betterment of the country.

9.0 References

1. Retrieved from Berjaya Corporation Group website: 2. Retrieved from The Star Online: 3. Retrieved from The Star Online: 4. Retrieved from Berjaya Founder’s Day Facebook 5. Retrieved from Berjaya Annual Report…...

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...PR notes Ch1 PR is a leadership and management function that helps achieve organizational objectives, define philosophy, and facilitate organizational change. Public relation is a two way communication between organization and publics; PR practitioners communicate with all internal and external public to create positive relationship between the firm’s goals and societal expectations. Moreover, PR tries to affect public opinion through its persuasive communication. The question is who are the publics? A public is a group of people who have a common interest in a specific situation. When the interests and values of particular publics meet with the interests and values of particular organizations, relationships are born; including 1- Media 2- Employees 3- Governmental officials 4- Community leaders 5- Financial analysts Publics are important to the organization because those publics have resources that those organizations need to fulfil their values-driven goals. They become a public once they recognize an issue, understand its relevance to them, and then talk about it or even organize to do something about it. What PR practitioners do? PR practitioners bring such a diversity of skills and programmatic capabilities to their jobs, PR do a lot of activities such as writing press releases, speeches, news letters, and announcements. They also do 1- Research 2- Counceling/ advising 3- Government affairs 4- Investor relations 5- Development or fund...

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Pr Plan for the Launch of Inscope Produced for Belcher Rollins by Cloud Public Relations

...and pricing. All of these| |are as realistic as possible, having been established through detailed research of the current market leader, Reed Elsevier, | |and its major competitors. | | | |As InScope is directly comparable to the Reed Elsevier ‘Scopus’ product, it has also been assumed that Scopus does not exist | |at time of the InScope launch. | INSCOPE: A NEW GENERATION OF RESEARCH PR PLAN FOR THE LAUNCH OF INSCOPE PRODUCED FOR BELCHER ROLLINS BY CLOUD PUBLIC RELATIONS APRIL 2009 CONTENTS Page | | | |Executive Summary |4 | | | | |Background to the Brief |5 | | ...

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Pr Cases 1999 by Inside PR magazine. He has more than thirty years of public relations experience on both the corporate and agency side of the business. He is also a partner in The Worldcom Public Relations Group, the world’s largest network of public relations firms. He served as Chairman of Worldcom from 1997–2000. Before co-founding Cummings McGlone & Associates, he was Chairman and CEO of Publicis Public Relations, Inc., a nationally recognized marketing communications agency with more than thirty staff and $3.6 million in income, and the largest public relations agency in the Southwest. Prior to coming to Bloom Public Relations in 1987, he served for three years as Senior Vice-President and general manager of the Pittsburgh office of Burson-Marsteller, a $4.2 million office primarily focused on business-to-business marketing and corporate and xiv Contributors financial relations. He joined Burson-Marsteller after a thirteen-year public relations career with Rockwell International. He is a past chairman and member of the board of directors of the Dallas Division of the American Heart Association and a member of the Public Relations Society of America. David Davies, after graduating in History and Politics at London University in 1981, spent seven years as a journalist and editor specialising in the food manufacturing and marketing industries. He entered the public relations industry with Moss International in Leeds, before joining Rex Stewart Grayling PR in Manchester......

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Pr Plan

...MCGILL UNIVERSITY Center for Continuing Education BNI COMMUNICATION PLAN PROPOSAL PRESENTED BY: Valérie Cardinal Jean Christine Clouthier Raymundo Nunez Garza Stephen Arkilanian Joyce Valbuena CPRL 540: COMMUNICATION PLANNING Montreal, Quebec [July 15, 2014] TABLE OF CONTENTS EXECUTIVE SUMMARY ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 2 SITUATIONAL ANALYSIS -------------------------------------------------------------------- 3 SWOT ANALYSIS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4 TARGET AUDIENCE --------------------------------------------------------------------------- 5 COMMUNICATIONS GOAL ------------------------------------------------------------------ 6 COMMUNICATION OBJECTIVES --------------------------------------------------------- 7 KEY MESSAGES ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 8 THE COMMUNICATIONS PLATFORM STRATEGY ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 9 TIMING ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 10 TACTICS --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 11 BUDGET BUDGET A ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 BUDGET B ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 15 EVALUATION AND MEASUREMENT......

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Comm 481 Initial Pr Plan

...Initial PR Plan Comm 481 - PROBLEM STATEMENT - About 75 percent of SURVIVORS’ budget comes from federal grants. Although the organization has enough funding to operate effectively now, the lack of a significant, more stable source of funding has limited what they can plan to do in the future. Without a significant increase in individual donations and corporate sponsors, SURVIVORS will be dependent on government funding and may have to cut back on the number of torture survivors it can care for. - SITUATION ANALYSIS - INTERNAL FACTORS: MISSION Survivors of Torture, International is an independent nonprofit organization dedicated to caring for survivors of politically-motivated torture and their families who live in San Diego County. Since 1997, “SURVIVORS” has helped more than 650 torture survivors from more than 55 countries to recover from their traumas. Their mission is to be a healing resource for survivors of torture and their families, to raise awareness among the general public, to educate the professional communities about torture, and to be an instrument to end torture. SURVIVORS fulfills its mission by teaming with partners that provide medical, dental, psychiatric, psychological, legal and social services to torture victims at a drastically reduced cost. BUDGET 90 percent of SURVIVORS’ overall budget is strictly set aside for client services and roughly 75 percent of the operating budget comes from federal grants. ...

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Pr Campaign

...CEC - PR campaign 1. Problem identification: Following surveys conducted the company decided to put in place the present PR campaign in order to change negative attitude towards CEC, to raise awareness among young adults and to improve the image through involvement in social issues. Today it is ever more important for companies and brands to build a good image. A strong image helps the company build its business and it can help the company in times of crisis as well. According to the surveys conducted 50% of respondents were indifferent to CEC brand, 42.3% had negative attitude, while only 7.7% had a positive attitude towards CEC. The current position on the market for CEC is 6th place with a market share of 7.7%* * 2. Objectives: * increase positive attitude towards CEC from 7.7% to 50% * increase market share from 7.7% to 15% The objectives are to be attained until December 2016. 3. Targets: * internal - employees * external - consumers(young adults), investors, press, public opinion 4. Media channels Channel #1: Social Media * FaceBook and Twitter with instant feedback * SlideShare * Blog sponsored articles * YouTube * PPC Channel #2: Classic Media * Press releases * Sponsored newspaper articles (online/offline) * Radio and TV spots Channel #3: Own environment * Company’s website *......

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Defining Pr

...Defining Public Relations Public Relations (PR) has evolved throughout its existence to fit numerous business functions and intents. Some companies refer to PR as the department in charge of publicity and gaining attention. This definition alone can have several meanings. One meaning could be the intent to gain free publicity and attention through news and word of mouth. Another meaning could include the placement of media such as print, radio, and television. Sometimes media buying is handled through the marketing department, or as a joint venture between the two departments. These examples help explain the ambiguity behind the definition of PR. This enigma has attracted much attention from practitioners in the field, and a few main opinions have emerged as to PR’s purpose (Strong, 2011). The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) has attempted to define PR as an official definition for the industry. To do that, the PRSA created a loose definition that could be applied to many widely held concepts of the function of PR. A PRSA National Assembly decreed the official definition of PR to be, “public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other” (2011, para 3). The PRSA adds further clarity to this definition be explaining the word organization was chosen to convey the idea that PR is a concept that can be used by many organizations not just businesses. The word ‘publics’ is used to include every stakeholder of an organization, not......

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Pr Final Report Plan

...Executive Summary   Sheri Kendrick, founder of local nonprofit Little Light of Mine (LLOM), has been a client of the agency, Lotus Public Relations. Included in this report will be a wealth of information from both primary and secondary sources that can be used to further the PR campaign. First off, the Research Report will display results from both a focus group and survey.Then, the target publics will be identified whom will be addressed in this campaign. After that, the goals and objectives will be highlighted that should be achieved throughout the campaign with the allocated budget. With the goals, objectives and budget in mind, the strategies and tactics will be explained as part of a campaign plan. Then evaluation criteria of our campaign will be organized to assure that the plan is effective, in conjunction with our goals, objectives, strategies and tactics. Included in this report will also be a year-long timeline of implementation for the next annual Gala. A Press Kit will also be provided.Then, as communication scholars, communication tools will be provide that Little Light of Mine should consider implementing within the organization. Finally, future directions will be provided for after this campaign has been completed and more donations have been received.     Publics   In the textbook Public Relations by Averill Gordon publics are defined as, “people as a whole, the community, or the nation and it can also mean people in general” (133). LLOM......

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Eea (Pr)

...EEA(PR) Version 04/2015 Application for a document certifying permanent residence or permanent residence card under the EEA Regulations This form is to be used for applications made on or after 6 April 2015 Who this form is for Use this application form if you wish to apply for a document certifying permanent residence (if you’re an EEA national) or permanent residence card (if you’re a non-EEA national) as confirmation of a right of permanent residence under the Immigration (European Economic Area) Regulations 2006 (‘the EEA Regulations’). Any reference on this form to EEA nationals includes Swiss nationals. Eligibility You must normally have lived in the UK for a continuous period of five years as: • n EEA national ‘qualified person’ (worker, self-employed, self-sufficient, student or a jobseeker), • family member or extended family member* of an EEA national qualified person or a permanent resident, • former family member of an EEA national if you’ve retained your right of residence after a the EEA national died or left the UK, or your/their marriage or civil partnership ended in divorce, annulment or dissolution, or • family member of a British citizen who worked or was self-employed in another EEA state a before returning to the UK (‘Surinder Singh’ cases). You can also qualify if you are: • n EEA national former worker or self-employed person who has ceased activity in the UK a because you have retired, are permanently......

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Pr Overview

...An overview of PR What is PR? PR - the management, art & science of building & maintaining relationships between organizations & their stakeholder publics. PR •Public in PR is called "publics" •It has an "S" at the end •Segmentation •It is cyclical In PR, The word audience is not encouraged. Why? because it refers to a "passive" group of people not "reactive". PR is guided by these steps: Step 1: There is researching and analyzing. Step 2: There is policy & formation. Step 3: There is programming. Step 4: Communication Step 5: Feedback PR people: •Boundary spanners •Must be connected to both •Organization •Publics •Problem Solvers *Problems are opportunities for you to make a difference A conceptual schema for studying PR The duties of the PR Profession 1. Responsible for assimilating & communicating information 2. Span the boundaries 3. Relate the needs & interests of publics 4. Maintain effective relationships w/ the media 5. Arrange company representative and have direct contact w/ various publics 6. Write speeches and edit publications 7. Produce & distribute films, videos & other print collaterals 8. Manage fund raising campaign & community activities 9. Develop & maintain new media Elements of PR 1. Counseling – Giving advice to management 2. Research – Determing attitudes & behavior 3. Media Relations – Working w/ mass media to seek publicity 4.......

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Crisis Pr

...national tourism agencies; • Government, Regional / Province authorities (AP Vojvodina) and local communities; Media – special audience • about 20 local, regional and national media: TV, radio, web, newspapers and relevant magazines ; • PR campaigns and other project activities will be visible on the territory of 6 districts (with population of approximately 2.5 million) whose lives will be affected by the work and results of the project |Audience Objectives | Direct beneficiaries – primary audience Decision makers (stakeholders) - secondary audience Local / regional authorities are one of the key direct beneficiaries of Banat 22 project. Since the public sector is identified as “bottle-neck” of tourism development (Serbian tourism strategy), this project will encourage support, create cross-border networks and build capacities of local / regional authority’s staff. It is expected that coordinated effort of promotion and lobbying will mobilize additional local / regional human and technical resources to further support BANAT 22 activities, integrate policy recommendations into local/regional economic development plans and create basis for sustainability by increasing tourism development budget lines, within their municipal budgets. Tourism stakeholders is a diverse group of those organizations and individuals from above mentioned 6 Banat......

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