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Dallas Travel and Tourisim

Dallas Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism Company Jordanian limited liability company located in Amman / Jordan, established in 1996, and it has several branches in Jordan and abroad runed by expieriences staff and has wide reputation and extensive experience in the field of travel and tourism and they have many branches in amman located in Alabdali , jabal el hussein Abdounmall ,etc .

Mission :

We are always keen to increase people's confidence in our company since the beginning o f establishment, and this interest paid to collect and service more than one million customers, according to official statistics confirm this, and this came from our confidence in what we offer is a way to continue working .

Unethical and Ethical Issues:

1 - Dishonesty: suffer a lot of customers and tourists Jordanians of lack of credibility in dealing Dulles between advertisements and promises the company and on the ground, in the advertising company found that its services are ideal and it's high quality in terms of accuracy in flight schedules, hotels and specifications of these hotels in terms of quality services and efficiency, in addition to the proximity of these hotels to tourist sites and the prices of these flights, hotels, and duration scheduled to stay omitted as they are in custody.

But on the other side tourist who shocked on the ground of these bookings and advertising, and finds quite different from what is has been agreed upon, and start suffering tourist delayed the trip schedule which was agreed upon in the book, and upon arrival surprised the hotel that hotel that has been booked it is not worth what was paid in custody and that the services are low and it is far from tourist place.

For example to illustrate if tourists Jordanian reservation to travel to one of the Arab countries, namely Egypt and specifically Sharm el-Sheikh, are agreed in booking a hotel with five-star service excellent and comfortable rooms, and close to Sharm El Sheikh, refuted the arrival of tourists Jordanian to this hotel shocking that Services this hotel is not up to the level of five-star, but third stars, and services are bad, and the hotel is far from Sharm el-Sheikh, and that the services the hotel to what he paid tourist Jordanian When booking, and when the tourist Jordanian reviewing delegate Dallas in Egypt be his response that he was not responsible for mistakes that occurred at the time of booking in Jordan.

Buisness ethics research

For DR : tagrid suaifan

Done by : Adnan mdanat almuthanna nusierat Samer alzoubi Ramzi ammari Layth kello Ammar almikhi

You can find inside : A short introduction about dallas travel and tourisim agency ...their mission and the issue and some points of view from the street about the agency and finalizing the research with Our conclusion .…...

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