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Psychology 2730 Patrick Flanagan March 3, 2011 Positive Reinforcement Essays 1. Transport Phenomena II 2. I wrote this letter because I have the utmost respect for this professor. I am aware of the research he heads and notice his capabilities during every class I have with him. I aspire to get the same amount from my education as he did. I would like to become a professor like him in the future and hope that this letter will set up a connection between us. 3. Dear Professor _____,
I am writing to you to thank you for the wonderful learning experience in Transport Phenomena II I have had thus far. What stood out to me in your introduction of the class was when you said that Transport Phenomena II confirmed your decision to be a Chemical Engineer and encouraged you to become a professor. This fact has garnered respect and motivation from many of the students in the class. I enjoy your lectures because they are focused, driven and organized logically. When you answer a question you clearly draw upon points that we have already covered but often you add an interesting application of the problem or reference to other subjects that help to further cement the idea in my mind. Also, the homework and quiz problems are challenging in a way that forces me to expand my conceptual understanding of the class notes. Thank you, I look forward to the rest of this semester.

Patrick Flanagan

4. Thanks for your email. I'm glad you're enjoying the class.
Prof. _____

1. Modern Techniques in Chemistry

2. I wrote this letter because this professor was a big help as my Chemistry I teacher freshman year in helping me decide my major. The first day of class this semester she called me by name, and continues to show an interest in my life. I appreciate this relationship and want to show this in my letter. 3.
Dear Professor _____,
Thank you for a great start to this semester, I have truly enjoyed Modern Techniques in Chemistry thus far. I would like to compliment you on your ability to teach in an effective and personal manner. I appreciate your cheerful, outgoing attitude. This is evident in the short talks the class has before lectures, as well as your memory of my classmate’s names. I also like the layout of your lectures. When you write out the lecture in real time it allows enough time to both write down notes and actively understand the material. I look forward to the rest of this semester.
Patrick Flanagan 4. Response made in person- Thanked for compliments

1. Microscopic Physical Chemistry 2. I wrote this letter because this course is one that I put a lot of time into. Due to this commitment I have a better understanding of what aspects I like about his teaching than I do about other teachers. 3.
Dear Professor _______,

Thank you for a great start to this semester of Microscopic Physical Chemistry. I have truly enjoyed the class thus far. Your lectures are very efficient at quickly covering material in an informative way. You have a knack for presenting seemingly arcane material in a straightforward and evident manner. I like that you provide packets with skeletons for the notes. This allows me to stay focused by allowing me to write while still permitting enough time to listen and understand. Also, the homework directly correlates to the notes covered in class and serves dutifully as a reinforcement of the concepts. Thank you for your help in learning Microscopic Physical Chemistry. I look forward to the rest of this semester.
Patrick Flanagan 4. No response as of yet…...

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