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Operating Systems

Operating system is a software program that operates and manages computer hardware and software components. An operating system can be categorized either as an open source operating system or a closed operating system on the basis of the source code availability for alteration and modification. An operating system that copies the source code into the system when operating installed whereas a closed operating system does not allow viewing, modifying, or updating the source, it only installs the executable files when this operating system is installed into any of the operating systems. Examples of open source operating systems are Linux, UNIX etc., and closed operating systems examples are Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X etc.

Open source and closed source operating systems comparison

Open-source operating will allow access to the source code by the users and programmers to make alterations. As source code is available in the public he person who has programming skills can read the source code and modify the code or here she can add some advanced functions in the existing operating system which can debug the code. In most cases new versions of the open source operating systems are introduced by the Open Source community programmers that debug the product for a special reason and make your own personalized version of the product. Possibilities in the personalize open-source product are limitless. As open-source product is debugged by numerous users worldwide, so open-source operating systems will be bug free. In case of the closed operating system, source is not revealed in the public to read or modify. The source code of close operating system is compiled in debug with the company that has copyrights to build and distribute the product worldwide. The debugging process depends on the policies of the company and they have limited time and money to debug the source code, so there can be some bugs traced by the user of the closed source operating system.

In close source operating systems severe exploits can be discovered that allows remote or local users to hack the machine. When exploitation is discovered the user is totally dependent on the company and will have to wait for the new patch to be released by the company. This may be a slow process and may take months to be resolved. Until the new patch is released by the company users suffer their vulnerability problems. But in the case of an open source operating system and there is an exploit found the open source community programmers will remove the possible vulnerability in short time and released a new patches within days or hours.

Closed operating systems are installed by purchasing a license key. This license key is a valid key usually for a year. For example Windows operating system is installed after purchasing the license key. Windows operating systems should also have a firewall system. Good firewall systems can cost a great sum of money. Open-source operating systems are available for free and are licensed under an open source community. For example Linux is licensed under GNU and it also has a firewall system.

In closed operating systems there are many encrypted techniques that are embedded in it. So there may be a risk to using a closed operating system. But in the case of open source operating systems the open source community has literally tens a very good encryption packages in these packages are trustworthy.

As closed systems do not reveal the source code, so everything is controlled by the company. So any kind of help and support is only possible by the company developers. But an open source operating system code is open and we have full control to read, make changes as we need. And also in open-source systems, there are various community users available to help instantly they provide full help and support for our problems as they are needed.

Open-source operating system like the Linux has implementation that is pro-offered due to its low-cost enters no need to spend or break your budget since a license of the software is is a general public license. The user can utilize the software with the free trial version that will not expire. The free software the user can download his extensive. The Linux stability is dependable and it does not freeze up or slow down due to low memory or leak. It provides great performance on workstations and on networks while having several users simultaneously. Linux was developed by an extensive group of programmers and has strong support for network functionality which can backup faster and is more dependable than other systems. Linux is very flexible and can be used for server applications, embedded systems, and desktop applications. Linux performance is great even with a limited hard drive space. Linux can multitask for example a large print job running in the background while not slowing down other applications. Linux security is very efficient in the user can select and download it for free.


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