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Nama : __________
ID_No : __________
Date : __________
Exercise 2
IC_no |First Name |Last Name |Gender |Address |Postal Code |Mobile Phone | |986235453 |Yap |Hui Hong |F |Cheras |81000 |019-6953666 | |A00356489 |Sofia |Abdullah |F |Klang |33000 |012-6358997 | |A02135655 |Abdul Shukor |Abdul Latif |M |Ampang |65000 |016-3677451 | |A03659874 |Melati |Manaf |F |Pandan |63100 |012-1326459 | |A16597755 |Yong |Ah Fok |M |Cheras |63400 |016-5658970 | |A18634562 |Hairi |Yaakob |M |Ampang |53110 |013-5671259 | |A19684572 |Nathan |Muthu |M |Kajang |99000 |019-3332222 | |A23568897 |Yusniza |Hassan |F |Melawati |32400 |012-6598455 | |
INSERT INTO ________ VALUES ('A03659874', 'Melati', 'Manaf', 'F', 'Pandan', '63100', '012-1326459');

INSERT INTO ________ VALUES ('A16597755', 'Yong', 'Ah Fok', 'M', 'Cheras', '63400', '016-5658970');

INSERT INTO ________ VALUES (‘A18634562', 'Hairi', 'Yaakob', 'M', 'Ampang', '53110', '013-5671259');

INSERT INTO ________ VALUES ('A19684572', 'Nathan', 'Muthu', 'M', 'Kajang', '99000', '019-3332222');

INSERT INTO ________ VALUES ('A23568897', 'Yusniza', 'Hassan', 'F', 'Melawati', '32400', '012-6598455');

Answer this following question using SQL Statement.

From table STUDENT :

Write a SQL Query to show:

1. First Name, Last Name and Address for Student that live in Ampang.

2. First Name, Last Name and Address for student’s address will start with K.

3. First Name, Last Name, Gender and Mobile Phone for female student.

4. First Name, Last Name and Numbor IC for student IC_no start with A1.

5. First Name, Last Name and Gender for male student and name will start with letter “Y”.

ProjectID |Project Name |Group_Name |BeginDate |EndDate | |Pjk1…...

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