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Fast Food and Our Society Thesis: Fast food companies don’t choose when and where people eat; the people do and because of that they’re the ones who have to face the consequences instead of putting the blame on someone else for their own mistakes. I. Studies have shown that over the past four decades, consumption of food eaten away from home has also risen alarmingly. It is well known that eating out may lead to excess calorie intake and increases the risk of obesity because of large portion sizes and increased energy density of foods. A. The Food they eat is very high in calories. B. The Food they eat is high in Fat. C. The Food they eat is high in saturated and Trans fat. II. Fast foods can lead to many deaths and diseases in the future of our Society. A. A study by the US Food and Drug Administration shows that 67% of kids that are introduced to fast food at an early age end up having stage 1 of obesity. B. Fast food gives our society High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, and the most fatal of them all Heart Disease. C. About 40,000 Deaths a year are caused by eating chips and soda on an everyday basis. III. We need to educate today’s society of Americans how to control what they eat and how regulate themselves when eating Fast Food. A. This would cause the death count of Fast food to slowly decline every year this in effect. B. This is an Idea that may work if the people actually care about their health and well being instead of eating themselves to…...

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