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Plane Exhaust Kills More People Than Planes Crash

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So the odds are greater of you dying from toxic pollutants in plane exhaust than in plane crash.
Airplane exhaust, similar to car exhaust, contains a variety of air pollutants, for example sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Scientists say that these particles that are especially small ( about a hundred millions of an inch wide ) are the main culprit in human health effects, since the particulates can become wedged deep in the lung and possibly enter the bloodstream. According to the UN's World Health Organization, the most common causes of death due to air pollution are cardiovascular and respiratory diseases like lung cancer.
An aeronautical engineer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology of the name Steven Barrett used a computer that recorded records of the flights paths, the amount of fuel burned during flights, and the estimated emissions. The study also looked at how human populations are spread around the world to see how the patterns of airplane pollution might up the risk of death. Earlier studies assumed that people were harmed only by emissions from planes taking off and landing. The new research of Barrett conducted an estimated of 8,000 deaths a year result from pollution from planes at an altitude of 35,000 feet, whereas 2,000 death result from pollution emitted during take offs and landing.
Areas with the most active airports most active airports are not ones that always suffer the biggest health impact. According to the study, published in the Environment Science and Technology , the United States incurs about 450 deaths each year from airplane emission, one seven the deaths expected if the pollution fell straight down from planes, where as in India there are an estimated 1,640 deaths per year from airplane emissions, seven times the deaths expected based on the number of flights that start and finish in the country. Most of these deaths…...

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