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12 December 2012
Steroids are the death of sports
Steroids are the worst thing when it comes to competition because during this can cause a serious problem as far as your health goes and your reputation if caught. ( In these cases thing always change because athletes do this in every sport then when caught never know what to say or how to apologize for their actions. Sports should be something that is fun and not something were you cheating your competition by medicine instead of hard work in the gym.
In sports when athletes go down the wrong route there careers are affected when caught and sometimes universities are punished for their actions if the university knew about the drugs all along. Drugs in sports are nothing to play with. Your family and fans will be hurt by your decision if you were a really big Icon. You can’t do the crime and be afraid of the consequences (Barry Bonds). (www.espn in competition if you have to cheat to when then who is the real winner? The truth will come out eventually and your pride will be hurt more than ever because your caught red handed and the local and if good enough nationwide news will make an example out of you. If a professional athlete you will be stripped of championship rings and more because In the league eyes they weren’t earned, they were cheated (
All sports have there best players and people that have did wrong things just because at the end of the day were all human. Its when you’re the biggest icon and the face of sports you start to think your better than the rest so you can do what you want whenever you want and not be responsible for your mistakes. Our very own st.louis Mark Mcgwire of the st.louis cardinals had a very bad inconter with steriods and when caught he was so embarrassed he didn’t even wanna talk in public about the situation.(…...

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