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Personal Ethical Code

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Personal Code of Ethics

My personal code of ethics is one that encompasses elements that point to me true north: integrity, respect, shared goals, compassion, open-mindedness and communication.
I realize that my ethical self-identity will evolve over time and will need to be assessed and refined periodically as I practice ethical decision-making skills, but I will constantly: 1) Strive to be aware of personal biases and core beliefs that may result in me not identifying a situation as an ethical dilemma 2) Not blindly follow established policies and evaluate every situation in isolation by asking fundamental questions from the ethics toolkit: a. Remember my obligations and responsibilities – Is it acceptable or reasonable for me to think only of the consequences to myself or my organization? b. Always be aware of who is affected by a decision – Whose rights do I need to consider? Am I respecting human rights and people’s need for dignity? c. Be conscious of group think – Am I simply going along with the usual practice or slavishly following the organization’s code? d. Gut check – What do my gut feelings tell me about this decision when I am out of the office?
It is equally important for me to apply this framework fairly and consistently: 1) Always be ready to stand up and take action when I see unethical behavior or action, but in doing so make a note of the motivations behind those actions so I don’t repeat them myself 2) Be kind to others, never discriminate on any basis and treat them the way I want to be treated 3) Practice what I preach regardless of personal risk or if there are perceived or potential personal…...

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