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Do you have a memory of a perfume that you can’t forget? There are lots of smells that you make happy, sad and bring back memories. One summer night, I was walking and was attracted to a smell like a magnet. The perfume reminded me of my mother.
I tried to find the smell, but it was too dark for me to find it. I just felt the perfume and walked alongside the smell. The fragrance was intoxicating and I walked for a long time. Just then I saw faint something. There were some people who looked after plants in the garden. They preferred working at night rather than daytime because during the day it was very hot. While I was looking at the people who were working, I felt the smell strong more and more. One of the people looked after the plant which gives out the scent in the garden. The name of the plant is Angel’s morning glory, one of the flowers. My mom has lots of talents. She is a nimble-fingered person. When I was young, my mom made me pretty dolls and clothes. I liked playing with them.
She gave me a celebrated painting which is cross-stitched by her as a gift. It is really amazing and fantastic! She has great dexterity. Also she is interested in her very beautiful garden and takes good care of plants. She takes care of them sincerely like when she brought us up.
Our garden has lots of gorgeous and fancy flowers. One of the flowers is my mom’s favorite, called Angel’s morning glory. The flower has a lovely sweet scent, but it smells only at night!
Every summer night, my family used to enjoy spending time at our garden.
We took a walk around the garden together looking at the adorable flowers in the glorious moonlight. My mom always stopped in front of Angel’s morning glory and closed her eyes. She used to stand like that for a while. My mom said to us that my Grandma liked the flower. That’s why she likes the flower. Mom learned how to…...

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