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Close Friendship

As the new century came, we had some new tools, including telephone, email, and

social networking sites, to get contact with the others. For instance, Facebook is one of

the most popular social networking sites at present, where we can show ourselves and

make some new friends. Telephone is another important tool to help us keep in touch with

friends or relatives who we can not talk face to face. Thanks to technology, such as cell

phones, message, and social networking sites, we can keep in touch with our friends or

relatives who live too far to talk face to face or too hard to talk at the same time and

remember their appearances.

We can keep in contact with friends or relatives who live in cities in the distance so

that we can send our concern and blessings to each other to be close. I make a call with

my maternal grandma who live in China every week. Our talking usually just last ten

minutes with some same centence. “How was your sleeping these days?” I would ask

every week because of her insomnia. “I am fine. Do not worry about me,” she normally

in this way in a soft voice. She also tell me what has happened in the passed week, “ You

know, cucumber is six yuan each pound. It is so expensive.” By talking with her, I always

feel we are as close as before when we live together. I can talk with my friends who live

in Germany, too. “Yesterday, I almost missed my test because I went to a wrong city,” she

told me excitedly, “Thanks to a local student to call a taxi for me, I arrived just ten

minutes late.” Although we can not go to cafeterias or tea stations in a sunny afternoon

together anymore, we can sit in front of two computers with two cups of coffee to tell

each other what happened recently. It seems that nothing has changed to us. “Season, you

know, sometimes I think you are…...

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