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Perfect Pizzeria or Not

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Case 6 A: “Perfect Pizzeria, or Not?”

Case 6 A: “Perfect Pizzeria, or Not”
Case Summary
Perfect Pizzeria is located in Southville, Illinois. Each operation has one manager, an assistant manager, and from two to five night managers. Employees were mostly college students, with a few high school students that usually performed less challenging duties. The Perfect Pizzeria system is devised so that food and beverage costs are computed according to a percentage. If the percentage of food unsold or damaged in any way is very low, the manager gets a bonus. The chain manager in the case is forced to make decisions in order to receive his bonus. The chain manager is tasked with trying to identify a way to reduce the waste percentage by motivating employees to not waste supplies. In the case study, the manager found that the more he retaliated against employees the higher the percentage became causing him to receive regular wages without the bonus. Apathy grew within the pizzeria as the relationship between the manager and workers further separated because the attempts to alleviate the problem began to make the percentages even higher. With high turnover and even higher waste percentages, management must find a solution to motivate employees to reduce waste so he can receive his bonus in return.
Question 1: Consider the situation where the manager changed the time period required to receive free food and drink from six to twelve hours of work. Try to apply each of the motivational approaches to explain what happened. Which of the approaches offers the most appropriate explanation? Why?
When the manager changed the time period required to receive free food and drink from six to twelve hours, the following motivational approaches were used to explain what happened:
People have needs depending on their circumstances. This is the basis for…...

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