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ACC00146 – 2012 S1

Assignment 1
Due: Monday 26 March 2012 (Week 6)
Weighting: 20%

Question 1 (5 marks)
You have been employed as an entry-level management accountant for a little under a year. You suspect that your immediate supervisor is involved in a significant fraud involving diverting of company assets to personal use. Briefly describe the steps you might take to resolve this dilemma and use a real world example (not hypothetical) to support your approach.

Question 2 (5 marks)
Lismore Manufacturing Company had the following account balances for the quarter ending March 31, unless otherwise noted:

Work-in-process inventory (January 1) $ 140,400 Work-in-process inventory (March 31) 171,000 Finished goods inventory (January 1) 540,000 Finished goods inventory (March 31) 510,000 Direct materials used 378,000 Indirect materials used 84,000 Direct manufacturing labor 480,000 Indirect manufacturing labor 186,000 Property taxes on manufacturing plant building 28,800 Salespersons' company vehicle costs 12,000 Depreciation of manufacturing equipment 264,000 Depreciation of office equipment 123,600 Miscellaneous plant overhead 135,000 Plant utilities 92,400 General office expenses 305,400 Marketing distribution costs 30,000


a. Prepare a cost of goods manufactured schedule for the quarter.
b. Prepare a cost of goods sold schedule for the quarter
c. Indentify inventoriable and period costs
d. Explain why product costs are classified in different ways for different purposes. Use examples to support your explanation.

Question 3 (5 marks)
The Dougherty Furniture Company manufactures tables. In March, the two production departments had budgeted allocation bases of 4,000 machine-hours in Department 100 and 8,000 direct manufacturing labor-hours in Department 200. The budgeted manufacturing overheads for the…...

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