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Company background
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Figure 1 PECCA Leather Campany

Pecca Leather Sdn. Bhd. is an ISO 9001 certified OEM manufacturer in Malaysia specializing in the manufacturing of automotive leather interiors. PECCA is founded and managed by a team of leather goods manufacturers with over 20 years’ experience in the leather industry. Pecca Leather produces leather interiors for various types of automobile makes and models for the Malaysian OEM and aftermarket segment. The team's experience in contract manufacturing includes being official licensees for internationally-renowned brands such as Braun Buffel, Polo, Playboy, Renoma, Pierre Cardin, Alain Delon and Lois.They also export their leather car seat covers to international markets including the USA, Europe and the UK, Singapore, Australasia and the Middle East. Pecca Leather policy of integrating strict quality control and the finest leathers selection have earned us the standing as one of the most reputable automotive leather seat cover manufacturer in Malaysia.

Figure 2 Logo’s of PECCA Company.
In the Italian language, the word "Pecca" means "imperfect". Their company's motto "Passion & Perfection" has been inspired by their passion to take something which is imperfect and craft it into a perfect work of art. PECCA Leather ISO QS 9001 & ISO TS 16949 accredited leather seat cover manufacturer. A leather trade and manufacturer since 80’s. PECCA one of the key OEM & ODM providers of Car Leather Seats Cover to most car makers and seat makers within the region. Today, PECCA operate 3 plants within Klang Valley to support their both…...

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