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Motivation Theories
Motivational Programs

March 28, 2016

ARM is the world’s leading semiconductor intellectual property (IP) supplier. It was founded in the year 1990 and now they have offices around the world. The ARM business model involves the designing and licensing of IP rather than manufacturing and selling of actual semiconductor chips. Their innovative technology is licensed by ARM Partners who have shipped more than 60 billion Systems on Chips (SoCs) containing their intellectual property since the company began. ARM is a knowledge intensive business focused on innovation. This innovation comes from the whole business and not just its research and development team.
MOTIVATIONAL THEORIES AND ARM MOTIVATIONAL PROGRAMS * Maslow (Hierarchy of Needs), Abraham Maslow developed a theory of motivation in which it is arranged in a hierarchy of importance, Basic needs (physiological, security, belongingness) to Growth needs (esteem, self-actualization). * ARM provides employees with opportunities to fulfill higher order needs such as those esteem and self- actualization through challenging and interesting work. Recently it is more than 120 employees of ARM were involved in developing ideas to improve in managing the company. Ideas are led to wide varieties of initiatives and an increased use of social networking, such as ARM TV (an internal YouTube). The responsibilities associated with the employees helps individuals to fulfill their potential in a creative way, providing them with the opportunity for developing self esteem. * ARM takes a ‘self betterment’ approach to talent management. The people can take up opportunities for on-demand e-learning as and when it suits or going on international assignments to tests and develop new skills. Employees therefore take responsibility…...

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