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Pattie Foods Ltd

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How would you define the industry to be analysed?

Under the frozen food industry it would be considered broad for it is not limited to just one style of food type the provide:-
1 Savoury
2 Dessert
3 Fruit
4 Halal

Is it Global?

Partially. Whilst the majority over 98% over sales are within Australian which would define it as narrow on a global scale, it does export to USA but has had limited success with 1% of sales resulting from the USA. It has developed Halal products with the explicit intention of exporting into Asia and therefore the intention of becoming a global and broad company.
PFL is an Australian company founded in Australia in 1966 and continuing with headquarters and production facilities in Bairnsdale Victoria. It is also listed on the ASX.

Industry value chain
Develops and produces its products in Bairnsdale Victoria.
Does not directly sell to the end user the consumer.
To the company it has to end users:
1. The retailer ie the shopmarket (PFL defines this as In-House or where products are bought by retailers for home consumption)
2. Food service outlets ie sporting venues or cafes (PFL defines this as Out-of-home or where the products are bought for immediate consumption)

Product design → production → distribution → Merchandising advertising retailing shops & sports venues → consumer

Industry segmentation
The industry is the frozen food.
Frozen savoury meat pies etc well known branded products
Desserts fruit pies waffles etc
Fruit products whole fruits
Fruit products fruit smoothies
Providing products for user at home
Providing products for user to consume out and about

Life cycle
Whilst PFL is defying normal standards of this life cycle of in that growth rates are considered to be at normal rates.
PFL is defying this by improved trading…...

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