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VOCABULABY New words | Part of speech | Definition | Making sentences | Intervention | n | The act of becoming involved in an argument, fight, or other difficult situation in order to change what happens | The intervention of Union helps to prevent the conflict between Pakistan and Iran | Dubious | adj | Feeling doubt or not feeling certain | I'm dubious about his promises to change his ways. | Inextricably | adv | If two or more things are inextricably linked etc, they are very closely related and affect each other | His name was inextricably linked with the environmental movement. | Assiduous | adj | Showing hard work, care and attention to detail | The Government has been assiduous in the fight against inflation. | Augment | v | To increase the size or value of something by adding something to it | He would have to find work to augment his income. | Inferior | adj | Not good, or not as good as someone or something else | These products are inferior to those we bought last year. | Relegate | v | To put something into a lower or less important rank or position | She resigned when she was relegated to a desk job. | Debilitate | v | To make someone or something physically weak | Progress has been debilitated by a refusal to share ideas. | Prescribe | v | To say what medical treatment someone should have | The drug is often prescribed for ulcers. | Taint | v | To spoil something, especially food or blood, by adding a harmful substance, or to spoil people's opinion of someone | His reputation was permanently tainted by the financial scandal. | Feverish | adj | Suffering from fever | I'm feeling a bit feverish - I hope it's not the start of flu. |


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...hope that this will help as much as possible. Now that all the paperwork is done and you have your child, it is time to cover the parenting “bases” which are: 1. Self-esteem development 2. The importance of culture and ethnicity in the development of self-concept 3. Healthy parenting styles and discipline for the adoptive child 4. Childcare Options 5. Children and the effects of media and technology 6. Understanding the importance of socialization and child development 7. Positive peer interaction and influence Getting or having a new child can be different. You as a parent have to learn right along with the child. The very first thing is that children learn from their environment and the people in that environment. Everything they see and hear will contribute to their development. They are little sponges absorbing everything around them. You, as the parent(s), play the most important role in your child’s world. Other people, including teachers, peers, extended family, and friends will also have a role but you must remember that you are the most important! Ecological Systems Theory of Development is written by Urie Bronfenbrenner, who is a renowned human development psychologist. In his writing, he stated the impact of the parent’s involvement as well as the surrounding environment’s influences on a child’s development. Bojczyk, Shriner & Shriner said, “Bronfenbrenner explained children’s development within a series of interacting systems in......

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