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P6 Business Managements

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P6 – Present a realistic business plan

Task 1 - Introduction

Name of the company and a brief history/description of the service that is being provided and who is the person behind the business – why does he/she want to set up the business, what skills would he be able to bring to the business etc.

Are these the skills typical of those of an entrepreneur?

Explain that you are going to investigate a new business venture and prepare a business plan. Explain why is planning important?

Task 2b - Aims and Objectives

What are aims and objectives? What are SMART objectives? Why is it important for a business to set aims and SMART objectives?

What type of aims and objectives should the business have?

For each aim and objective you have to say why they are important /relevant to the business.

Task 2c - Stakeholders

Explain what stakeholders are.

* List the different stakeholders in the business.

* Explain why these stakeholders are relevant to this business.

* How will the objectives affect the different stakeholders?

Task 3a – The Competition and secondary research

Explain why it is important for the business to carry out research into what the competition has to offer.

i) Who is the main competition for the business in this area? Go on to Google or and look for three different companies. Choose one similar business in Tewkesbury, one in Cheltenham/Gloucester and one that is slightly different as this will be indirect competition for Mr. Shaw..

ii) Use a map to show where the competition is located

iii) Describe in detail what the different companies offer and whether or not they are a potential threat to this business. For each firm: - State the name of the firm and where it is located

- Describe the service that this business offers.

- Explain whether the…...

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