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Outline on How to Overcome Insomia

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I. It was a dark and windy night, the time was 4 am and I was soundly slept.
II. Suddenly, I heard a sound and saw a pair of eyes looking at me at another bed that was in my room.
III. The face was staring at me with a smile and some movement and I was shocked and quickly opened my eyes bigger because it was too dark.
IV. It was actually my roommate, Ririn who was eating snacks on her bed.
V. I asked her, “Hey, why you are still up at this hour and eating on your bed?” and she slowly answered “I cannot sleep. I have been trying to sleep since 1am but I cannot, and I eat because I am hungry.”
VI. In fact, she said that was not the first time she cannot sleep.
VII. I realized that I never know that she had troubles to sleep well until that weird incident happened on that night.
VIII. I told her to close her eyes and try her best to sleep because both of us had class in the next morning, so it was too late to be still widely awake.
IX. That incident had inspired me to read further about the sleep disorder that is characterized by difficulty falling or staying asleep, which is called as insomnia.
X. After reading a lot of articles on the internet, I found out that this problem was actually being suffered by large number of people around the world.
XI. As you are listening to me, I know that not everybody suffers from insomnia but still, there is a time when you cannot really close your eyes and you wonder what is stopping you from getting your nice and comfortable sleep.
XII. Therefore, I dare to say that you are actually experiencing the same problem of those who are suffering from insomnia.
XIII. Insomnia, which is due to various causes and includes a variety of symptoms, can be reduced or eliminated in a number of ways.
XIV. In this lovely morning, I would talk about three ways on how you can overcome insomnia which are by using relaxation…...

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