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After reading the fictional narrative about Glen I notice three concepts about psychology and they are adrenaline, anal stage and evolutionary psychology. The adrenaline closely connected to important regions of the brain that pay a role in emotion with Glen’s personal life having difficulty forming lasting intimate relationships. Anal stage is response to efforts by parents to toilet train their children. Evolutionary psychology is one major reason for this shift in opinion is the development and rapid growth of the new field that Glen took on during his adult life.
The first concept is adrenaline. Hormones that help the body handle emergencies by increasing heart rate, blood pressure, and sugar in the blood. Its part of the endocrine system and associated with humanistic theories. Humanistic theories are theories of personality emphasizing personality responsibility and innate tendencies toward personal growth. When it was time for Glen to speak at regional meetings of his company he can feel his adrenaline rush going through his body that cause un excessive sweating and his heart would be pounding. After he finally notice this happening he than turn to medication that would put the stop on his sympathetic nervous system. Which means this system prepares the body for using energy, as in vigorous physical actions that Glen was feeling. These concepts are related to each other by the removal of Glen’s obstacles that prevent natural growth processed from proceeding to becoming a fully functioning person when time to speak at regional meetings. The second concept anal stage, the process of elimination becomes the primary focus of pleasure. Glen’s employees described him as “anal”, which means his keepsake of values that his development when he was three years old till he was older about the later stage of potty training his parents gave him. Which result in…...

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