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Joel K. Bourne, Jr.
July, 2006
National Geographic

Loving our coasts to death is a very good title for this article. I say this because that is exactly what we are doing, killing our coasts. This article does a good job in explaining to people how we are killing our coasts, marine life, and eventually ourselves by dumping into the ocean, but this article also shows how people are saving our coasts from further pollution by getting out there and actually doing something that is good for our environment. This article is very interesting because of the fact that it brings in the perspective of ordinary people and what they do to help as well as the perspective of scientists and what they do to help. This is a very important subject to learn more about because if we do not stop dumping into the ocean than we will end up killing our oceans and ourselves. This article is also important because we can learn from the people that are trying to save our coasts. Loving our coasts to death is mostly about how certain people are trying to save our coasts from pollution in ways large or small, it also talks about how bad we are polluting our ocean’s coastlines and how that pollution can affect us. More and more people are moving to coastal counties, which means more pollution in and around that area and this article is trying open our eyes and tell us that polluting our coasts is threatening human health, marine resources, and putting our future at risk. The article also includes the views on pollution of the coasts from people that basically can’t live without the ocean. Harry and Donna Frye, or the dynamic duo, are people that can’t live without the ocean. Harry is a surfer that has lost faith in humans because of our polluting ways, while Donna (an activist) is trying desperately to make the coasts of San Diego safer for all…...

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