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Origin of Cooking

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The social structure of cooking has been implemented in our world’s society for as long as anyone can remember. The “women cook, men eat” is a social formation that the vast majority of cultures follow. However, there is great debate concerning the development of this formation. Richard Wrangham suggests that cooking developed the role of the woman. Conversely, Susan Bordo believes that this structure is an effect of patriarchy. Perhaps, these theories are not mutually exclusive, but rather they have worked together to construct the gendered power dynamics that is prevalent today In my opinion, the beginning acts of cooking ultimately contributed to the separation of men and women, and delegation of superior roles to men. Wrangham has concluded that the development of cooking created new roles that needed to be filled and “relying on cooking creates foods that can be owned, given, or stolen” (Wrangham 152). Furthermore, women, physically weaker by design, began to rely on their partners to protect their food from theft. The men took advantage of this and began to receive cooked meals while assuring the women food, thus assigning the role of cooking to the women. Wrangham states, “These bonds were so critical for the successful feeding of both sexes that they generated a particular kind of evolutionary psychology in our ancestors that shaped female-male relationships and continues to affect us today” (Wrangham 155). While cooking may have created these bonds, more importantly, it implemented patriarchy, which further developed the role of women. In the long run, it is cooking that began the submissive role of women. However, in the modern world, it is not cooking that encourages the lower status and power of women, but rather patriarchy itself. Patriarchy is a widely accepted social system that prevails in many areas in today’s era, which is possibly…...

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