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Optimistic and Pessimistic

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“Optimistic and Pessimistic”
Comparison and Contrast Do you know how can being optimistic or pessimistic can affect your life? When people are being optimistic, it means that they are looking toward the bright side of the world, seeing thing in positive ways. On the other side, a pessimistic person is a person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy (optimist, n.d.). Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect us more than we think. It can affect our life in relationship, our health and our work. Being optimistic or pessimistic can affect person’s relationship. When optimists are facing an extremely serious problem, they will not really be in a deep depression for so long. Being optimistic makes people feel calm and comfortable because they are not trying to put all the bad emotions into their head. This will make them a cheerful, hopeful and assured person, which these characters tend to make them fill with happiness and certainly, everyone likes it. Since emotion is contagious, these people can influence other people to have positive emotion as well. According to Sophie Scott, a neuroscientist at the University College London, when we talk to someone we often mirror our interlocutor’s behavior by mimic their gesture or coping the word that they use. She said “It seems that it's absolutely true that 'laugh and the whole world laughs with you’ ”. That is the reason why people like to be with an optimist. They can feel and absorb the cheerfulness, hopefulness and assurance from them. It is also about the way an optimistic person judges other people. They will see only the good things of other people or think about them in a positive way. Example, when a daughter did something wrong and she confessed it to her mother. If her mother is an optimistic person, instead of getting angry and reprove her daughter, she will be proud and…...

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