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Operations and Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

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Operations and Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

Organizations are distinct environments that have specialized arms; The Human Resource Departments, whose main role can be summarized in two words; Organizational Fitness. This can further mean fitness to; compete, hire, retain, prepare, recognize and transition at all levels of the organization. To achieve this, the Human Resource Managers can use Total Onboarding Plan (TOP) as an orientation tool. This is the most comprehensive strategy that maximizes on wining the new employees’ confidence into the organization. According to Lawson (2006), the orientation programme is the employees’ first exposure to the organization and should be an enjoyable and memorable experience, and the highest of all; a priority. The Human Resource Managers working through Total Onboarding Program (TOP), which has four main focal points also known as The 4As: Acquire, Accommodate, Assimilate and Accelerate, can make a long-term success. The strength focused target selection or behavioral approach is the most effective method of selecting new team members. Upon completion of selection, the successful candidates go through the interviewing process accompanied by formal post interview debriefs, additional information gathering and post-interview follow ups. It is natural that every employee will need conviction and assurance of fairness and a better working environment. Therefore, they should be treated as just one part of strategic sales by giving them palatable head starts before their first day, through co-creating a personal onboarding plan with each of them. This facilitates in infusing the employees with an assurance of their worth and distinctiveness. This results in generation of a viable working relationship that is sustainable. The Human Resource Manager has the entire responsibility of…...

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