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Online Kindergarten

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Market’s challenge.

According to Edmondo (2011), parents nowadays are too busy to take care of their children. After the long hour working time, they come back to home and many things need to be done before they can lie down on the bed. House should be tidied, clothes need to be washed, and cook the meal, housework make them becomes angry, crumpy and tired.

Laura (2012) estimated that parents seem to put too much responsibility on teaching and looking after their kids on the schools. Moms and Dads nowadays are too busy to take a rest and feel pressure on how to balance everything in life. While the busy parents put all their trust on the helps of school, unluckily, some of those schools just formed as the unethical business with the profit on their top of their cores element. Evidence showed on the Global Times (2012) that one kindergarten teacher in China ordered her students to beat up one six-year-old girl in the class to “teach” her how to keep silent in class. The articles detailed the story as the teacher asked the class of 32 students to line up and hit the girl ten times each.

Moreover, there is the situation that school manage to keep additional children which is over the standard of students cap per in the classroom (Spencer 2012). The size of class becomes lack of space and conditions for kids to grow and study just because of the profits. The schools ignored the policy and it leads to the fact that with many children under just one or two teachers who can not have capacity to put eyes on every kids.

Some parents think that if they spend lots of money to put their children in the expensive kindergarten or private…...

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