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In the next subsequent pages we have included financial statistical data organized by the different sectors that compose the economy of Puerto Rico. This report has been updated to include the most recent quarter of 2012. The contact persons for the Financial Analysis Division are; Mr. Wally A. Sierra-Supervisor, Mrs. Frances Lebrón-Financial Analyzer Depository Sector and Mrs. Nayda Ivonne Marrero-Analyzer, Non Depository Sector. Financial Analysis Responsible Manager: Mr. Wally A. Sierra, Financial Analysis Division. Phone.(787)723-3131, Ext-2314, Fax.(787)723-4225. Addres. P.O.Box 11855, San Juan PR. 00910-3855, Ponce de Leon Ave. 1492, Centro Europa Building, suite 600, San Juan PR, 00907 or Ponce de Leon Ave. 1492, Centro Europa Building, suite 600, San Juan PR, 00907 Publication date: August 23, 2012 Next Publication Report: November 23, 2012 and February 23, 2013 To obtain a copy of the Report: Please visit, (1) Our website. Http// or
(2) by request to our addresses above, or (3) by phone or fax, Monday to Friday, 8:00am to 4:30pm.

Source: Call Report quarterly submitted by the different sectors to the Office of the Commissioner of Financial Institutions. Legal Mark: Article 10 of Law #4 dated October 11, 1985, as amended, provides faculty to the Commissioner to carry out all sorts of studies and research on issues affecting any branch of the banking, financial and securities industries for which they may require information that could be necessary, relevant and essenctial for such purposes.

All Financial Institutions Total Assets
Type of Institutions (In Millions) Commercial Banks** International Banks Entities Credits Unions*** Brokers Securities Mortgage Institutions Investment Companies Leasing Companies Finance Companies Government Banks Small Loans Companies Total $ Q2-2012 $ 67,945 39,076 8,024 1,719 5,662 15,326 1,636 4,143 17,643 660 161,834 $ $ 2011 68,167 43,933 7,887 2,229 5,437 15,345 1,621 4,099 19,286 663 168,667 $ $ 2010 72,468 40,608 7,524 3,703 4,744 14,204 1,606 3,878 16,467 687 165,889 $ $ 2009 83,337 42,118 7,166 3,271 4,421 13,881 2,219 4,041 13,805 761 175,020 $ $ 2008 As of December 2007 $ 87,918 75,807 6,489 1,308 5,917 14,071 2,662 4,592 11,103 1,434 $ 211,301 $ $ 2006 84,696 75,942 6,290 1,759 6,206 12,905 2,521 4,411 11,425 1,479 207,634 $ $ 2005 82,645 74,153 6,239 1,925 10,017 13,297 2,389 4,673 10,882 1,334 207,554 $ $ 2004 74,342 66,948 6,278 2,423 10,445 11,795 2,087 4,792 8,549 1,264 188,923 $ $ 2003 60,994 56,535 5,982 2,571 8,455 8,810 1,751 4,687 7,842 1,267 158,894

87,334 62,681 6,699 2,590 4,988 13,903 2,554 4,386 12,364 1,104 198,603

** Excluded Internationals Divisions, ***Data as of march 30, 2012

Commercial Banks** International Banks Entities Credits Unions Brokers Securities Mortgage Institutions Investment Companies Leasing Companies Finance Companies Government Banks Small Loans Companies

0.41% 10.90%

2.56% 1.01%

Assets - All Financial Institutions $161,384 Millions Office of The Commissioner of Financial Institutions June 30, 2012



67,945 39,076 8,024 1,719 5,662 15,326 1,636 4,143 Commercial Banks** 17,643 660 International Banks Entities 161,834


Credits Unions Brokers Securities

3.50% 1.06% 4.96% Mortgage Institutions Investment Companies Leasing Companies Finance Companies 24.15% Government Banks Small Loans Companies…...

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