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yyThe new nurse supervisor should spend time educating all of the clinicians in the clinic on how to incorporate teamwork through collaboration, effective communication, and by implementing the interdisciplinary care approach in order to improve quality and continuity of care for clients. It is important for healthcare providers to realize that they cannot single handedly meet all the healthcare needs of their patients through an independent practice approach. In order to be successful as a team, time needs to be spent in establishing goals for the patients, delegating tasks appropriately, explaining each member’s role, designating a team leader for decision-making, communicating effectively and resolving any conflicts that arise. In simple terms, the team should know which direction it is going, what is expected of each team member, what needs to be accomplished, who is responsible for what, and how it all will be done. Research has shown that there are multiple benefits to utilizing the interdisciplinary care team approach including improved patient care by increasing collaboration of multiple disciplines, encouraging patients to actively participate in their care and thus increasing patient empowerment. For the healthcare professionals it provides an opportunity to learn new skills and the ability to utilize expertise, allows the providers to focus on preventive care rather than on acute care only, and assists in professional satisfaction. The NCSBN and the ANA define delegation as the process for a nurse to direct another person to perform nursing tasks and activities. Many nurses do not know how to appropriately delegate or are reluctant, and thus need to be education on how delegation can save money and time, help build new skills, and motivate people. The nurse supervisor should approach Ms. W in a positive manner by being respectful and showing appreciation…...

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