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Nutrition Test Review

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Test One Review

Chapter One
1. 10 Reasons for food choices:
a. Personal preferences
b. Habit
c. Ethnic heritage or tradition
d. Social interactions
e. Availability, convenience, economy
f. Positive and negative associations
g. Emotional comfort
h. Values
i. Body weight and image
j. Nutrition and health benefits
2. 6 Classes of nutrients:
a. Carbohydrates: 4 kcals/gram
b. Proteins: 4 Kcals/gram
c. Lipids: 9 kcals/gram
d. Vitamins
e. Minerals
f. Water
3. Define:
a. Essential nutrients: nutrients a person must obtain from food because the body cannot make them for itself in sufficient quantity to meet physiological needs; also called indispensable nutrients. About 40 nutrients are currently known to be essential for human beings.
b. Calorie: units by which energy is measured. Food energy is measured in kilocalories.
c. Kilocalorie: one kcal is the amount of heat necessary to raise the temperature of 1 kilogram of water 1 degree C.
d. Nutrient: chemical substances obtained from food and used in the body to provide energy, structural materials, and regulating agents to support growth, maintenance, and repair of the body’s tissues. Nutrients may also reduce the risks of some diseases.
e. Nutrition: the science of foods and the nutrients and other substances they contain, and of their actions within the body (including ingestion, digestion, absorption, transport, metabolism, and excretion). A broader definition includes the social economic, cultural, and psychological implications of food and eating.
f. Acute disease: disease that develops quickly, produces sharp symptoms, and runs a short course.
g. Chronic disease: diseases characterized by a slow progression and long duration. Examples include heart disease, cancer and diabetes.
h. Placebo: an inert, harmless medication given to provide comfort and hope; a sham treatment…...

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