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My operating system is a Windows 7 Enterprise that was copyrighted in 2009. The Windows 7 Enterprise uses a 32-bit. The processor speed is 2.50 GHz. The amount of RAM is 4 GB with 3.17 GB usable. The computer was equipped with a Toshiba MK2561GSYN for the disk capacity. The disk space was 238474 MB. This vast bit of information was going to be the paper I presented to you. Not taking the time to figure out how this could eventually turn into a two to three page paper. Then I did a little more research of not only why these components are important to the computer, but also why it’s important to know how to find out the figures and why I was so blind to the fact I could do it on my own.
As soon as I get to my laptop I notice a few things. The manufacture logo and two stickers place below the keyboard. At first glance, I believed that was supposed to tell you everything you needed to know about the computer performance. I was sadly mistaken after finding out about upgrades and replacement parts that a majority of “out of date” laptops go through in order to remain functional with the technology of today. Before studying chapter eight of our Computer Structure & Logic book all I could tell you about the laptop I’m currently typing on is that it is called a Dell Latitude and assuming all the parts were made by the Dell Corporation. You don’t have to rip apart a computer to find out more about it, it simply takes a few clicks of a mouse to figure the data.
The Dell laptop I’m using surprised me for a number of reasons, majority came from how out dated it was. My computer is a product under Microsoft; the Windows 7 Enterprise was copyrighted in 2009. It functions off a 32-bit operating system with an i5-2520 Intel processor with a 2.50 GHz speed. After going to my start screen, I went to the control panel and the sub tab of system & security and located all of this information. To the left of my screen were several options of Device Manager, Remote Settings, System Protection and Advance System Settings. The Device Manager tab allows you to further dissect the computer by breaking down its main components. We were required to find the disk space also, and as I stated before I was dimwitted when it came to knowing all the companies that are used to make a single laptop. The Toshiba MK2561GSYN is what is used for my disk drive & contains 238,474 MB of capacity.
The reason I was so blinded to the fact that information necessary to keep up with your computer is because I figure everything had to be updated and I also did not use all the functions that were available to me other than internet and Microsoft Word. Not just the software that I thought was automated without notification or agreement but the hardware as well. After going to the website given for the upgrade advisor the laptop passed four requirement tests, had six devices it was compatible with and 34 programs it was compatible with also.
Going onto, I was able to find the five features the Windows 7 Enterprise has to offer. The first is Direct Access which was introduced in 2008. This allows dial-up and virtual private network access servers, Internet Protocol router for connecting subnets of a private network and network address translator that is used for connecting a private network to the internet. Second feature is branch cache which decreases download time. The federated search is the third function which helps users find information in remote repositories. Another function on the Enterprise is the “BitLocker”. The BitLocker helps protect the data by managing to enforce encryption and a backup system. And lastly the fifth function is an “AppLocker” which specifies what software is allowed to run on the computer.…...

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