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Home Linking Technology

The article is a brief informative piece about home linking technology, which is the practice of linking house hold appliances to one another and the outside world. This would all great possibilities like the one given by Maytag CEO Lloyd D. Ward, “Consumers could conceivably watch a cooking program on an interactive TV set and send the recipe to the refrigerator, which in turn sends a list of ingredients to your handy online grocer.” The article mentioned that several big name companies like Microsoft, Maytag and GE are working on joint ventures to develop this technology while others like Sunbeam have created new subsidiaries based on this technology. The information in this article was very limited. I do not think that in depth research was conducted on home linking technology before it was written. It gives a very vague idea around the technology but does not go into much detail about what’s available now or what’s realistically coming in the future. The article did cite some high ranking officials for some big name companies, they provided a grand vision for the future but no real plans or expectations. I feel that this article is a good quick look at what is possible, for someone that is uninformed. The article is too short for you to lose interest in it and get bored. The information provided is very fascinating and really captivates you into thinking about what could be possible.
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